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Wapping Area Guide

Table of contents

  • History of Wapping
  • Getting Around
  • Home and Market Trends
  • Local Life in Wapping
  • Open Spaces
  • Entertainment and Attractions
  • Shopping
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Local Authority
  • Nightlife
  • Education in Wapping
  • Crime and Safety
  • Fun Fact about Wapping

    Wapping residents have easy access to exciting riverside lifestyle elements, including historic taverns, waterfront eateries, and yacht-related activities all close by. Just minutes away from the city’s thriving South Bank cultural scene is where you’ll be. Wapping is a little-known but historically and architecturally interesting area along the River Thames, and it boasts attractive cobblestone lanes and buildings such as Prospect of Whitby, the oldest riverside tavern in London, which dates back to 1520. Though the warehouse conversions around offer an interesting contrast to the modern skyscrapers in the neighbouring neighbourhoods, the London skyline is clearly visible, as well as the Gherkin, the HSBC building, and the Shard. Because it is close to both the City and Canary Wharf, professionals tend to choose to live near the location.wapping-3-scaled

    History of Wapping

    Wapping is an appealing riverside neighbourhood in London’s East End. Old warehouses, wharves, and cobblestone lanes lend the Wapping neighbourhood of London an otherworldly atmosphere, with the banks of the Thames between Tower Bridge and Limehouse forming the setting. Docklands were prospering until World War II destroyed much of the area. However, about the same time, the cobblestone streets and red brick buildings became re-discoverable and utilised their inherent potential once more. As tea and spice warehouses became available, galleries began to appear in them, most notably the avant-garde B2 Gallery. The revival of the Olivers Wharf gave rise to high-profile inhabitants such as Sir Alec Guinness and Cher, and opened the door for other former warehouses to be converted into trendy lofts. Around St. Katharine Docks, new residences, a marina, hotels, and business space were constructed. Feel like you’re in touch with London’s dynamic nautical heritage while also taking in the city’s bustling present scene by visiting Wapping’s waterfront today.

    Getting Around

    Wapping is situated on the Thames next to Tower Bridge and Limehouse.

    The 100 bus route goes to the City, and the D3, which services Docklands and Canary Wharf, among other places.

    It is possible to get to Wapping by travelling along the Highway, the A13, and the A2 from the east or south, and several routes are available by travelling via the City, which leads to various locations in London.

    Wapping station leads to Shoreditch High Street, Dalston Junction, and Highbury and Islington to the north, while Canada Water, New Cross, and Clapham are all accessed through High Street (also known as Wapping High Street) in the south.

    Tube: Tower Hill is just around the corner, and it is located on the Circle and District lines.

    While Tower Gateway DLR is close by, Tower Shadwell DLR is a short walk away.

    All of the following routes use Wapping as a transfer point: The 100 (going through St Paul’s, the City, and Blackfriars to Elephant and Castle), D3 (to Docklands and Bethnal Green), and N551 (heading in the general direction of Trafalgar Square travelling east from Trafalgar Square).

    Wapping is popular for its cobbled lanes and calm, yet bone-jarring, pathways for cycling. Cycle the 3-mile (4.8km) length of Cycle Superhighway 3 along Cable Street, going from Tower Gateway toward Shadwell.

    It is also feasible to get to London City Airport via the DLR and by vehicle.wapping-30-scaled

    The borough of Wapping is home to a variety of distinct properties, such as warehouses and factories that have been converted into residential areas as well as newer, glass-fronted riverfront developments. A fascinating mixture of contemporary construction styles and historic buildings may be found here.

    The warehouse conversions are found in the Wapping area, and the riverside apartments have modern glass facades. Great views are provided by warehouses situated along the riverside, such as Oliver’s Wharf and Great Jubilee Wharf. There are also more new developments located near the stylish St. Katherine Dock.

    The well-liked terrace houses in the vicinity of Portland Square are set back from the Thames a few streets, making them good family residences. In the next six years, a total of 1,800 new houses will be built at London Docks. Because of this, Wapping is an excellent spot to invest in property.

    Wapping’s best properties include the imposing Oliver’s Wharf, the first warehouse reclamation in the neighbourhood. There are warehouses and factory conversions as well as several Georgian properties in Wapping Wall, such as Pier Head, where TV host Graham Norton has his home. The 1950s and 1960s local authority housing blocks and the more contemporary 1980s housing are located at a distance from the river, whereas approaching St Katharine Dock and surrounding Kennet Street is found 1980s housing and Shadwell Basin and Tobacco Dock. Also known as Wapping Creative Village, Metropolitan Wharf features loft residences along with a section of Wapping Wall.

    Local Life in Wapping

    Wapping is a delightful place. This area has a stable and peaceful vibe in stark contrast to the rest of the East End, where the maps are being redrawn all over the place. The inhabitants of Wapping are made up primarily of young professionals and families.

    Open Spaces

    Wapping Woods and King Edward Memorial Park can be found on the other side of the river in East London. West Wapping’s Hermitage Waterside Memorial Gardens may be situated on the riverbank. Wapping is sprinkled with sections of green space, even if the Thames Path does not follow the river most of the time.

    People have worked hard to keep the Thames Tideway Tunnel from being built across Glamis Road’s main park, the King Edward VII Memorial Park. This loss is widely mourned, however, many trees have been lately cut down to make space for the project.wapping-33-scaled

    Entertainment and Attractions

    The music hall at Wilton has been classified as the world’s last surviving great music hall. It is a tall building with many different types of entertainment, including drama, music, comedy, and film. Wapping is a quick walk from the South Bank, where you will find the London Eye and a great variety of museums, galleries, festivals, and exhibitions, and yet is beyond the congestion pricing zone.

    Wilton’s Music Hall in Graces Alley puts on a wide variety of performances, including live plays, operas, puppet shows, classical music, cabaret, ballet, and even magic shows.

    Nine to eighteen year-olds learn sailing, canoeing, climbing, and mountain biking at the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre, which is located on the Shadwell Pierhead.

    The municipal council swimming pool in Wapping is located at the St George’s Leisure Centre in The Highway. Another advantage of Fitness First in Thomas More Square is the indoor swimming pool.

    St Katherine Docks is a popular place to visit in Wapping, as it is the home of a historical port area full of taverns and restaurants. Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the area’s maritime heritage. The centre offers kayaking, canoeing, sailing, rowing, and climbing and high rope programmes, as well as rock climbing and high ropes activities. Arthouse cinema goers can visit adjacent independent arthouse movies, or explore South Bank theatre, galleries, and concert venues by going over the river.

    We also note Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and St Katharine Docks, all local monuments. This location is great for accessing the city’s most prominent landmarks, such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, where you’ll find the Crown Jewels, 1,000 years of royal history, and the famous ravens. On the other side is the HMS Belfast, a former British naval cruiser that is now a floating museum. This ship provides an excellent glimpse into life on board a World War II battleship.


    You will find a butcher, baker, post office, coffee shop, and green grocer at Wapping Lane, which has a village-like atmosphere. Waitrose has a major supermarket on the west side of Wapping as well.wapping-20-1-scaled

    Eating and Drinking

    Many pubs in Wapping are known for their views of the ancient riverside. The Prospect of Whitby and the Town of Ramsgate are among them. A food shop, a butcher, a grocery store, a bakery, and a coffee shop are all located on Wapping Lane.

    In the mid-1990s, a local charity purchased a building in the Turk’s Head in Green Bank and donated it to the town. They are raising money to construct a public swimming pool in Shadwell Basin.

    St Thomas More Street and St Thomas More Square, Trade Union, contains a branch of Waitrose, which bills itself as “a grown-up playground for discerning Londoners.”

    Wapping High Street fish restaurant Smith’s is well-known. At addition to chain restaurants like as Café Rouge, Côte, Cau, Slug & Lettuce, and Tom Aikens’s franchise, Tom’s Kitchen, there is a branch of the restaurant Tom’s Kitchen in St. Katharine Docks.

    River View is a Chinese restaurant with outdoor seating, while La Kusa Bay serves authentic Indian cuisine, and the historic Italian trattoria Il Bordello is located on Wapping High Street. If you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Smith’s Wapping offers spectacular views of the Thames from its floor-to-ceiling windows, while alfresco alternatives like the River Lounge, tapas bar Bravas, and dim sum restaurant Ping Pong are also available at St Katharine Docks. White Mulberries is known for their award-winning coffee and outside seating with great views of the harbour.

    Local Authority

    Wapping falls under the local council of Tower Hamlets. 

    Valuation Band Range of values Year 1 April 2021to 31 March 2022
    A Up to and including £40,000 £984.61
    B £ 40,001 – £ 52,000 £1,148.72
    C £ 52,001 – £ 68,000 £1,312.82
    D £ 68,001 – £ 88,000 £1,476.92
    E £ 88,001 – £120,000 £1,805.12
    F £120,001 – £160,000 £2,133.33
    G £160,001 – £320,000 £2,461.53
    H More than £320,000 £2,953.84


    One of Wapping’s most famous pubs is the Prospect of Whitby. It has a pewter-topped bar with barrels and ships’ masts integrated into its framework, dating from the 16th century. One feels as if they’re on an antique tea clipper when sitting in the tavern, which claims to be the oldest pub on the Thames. At the turn of the 19th century, the renowned landscape painter J.M.W. Turner bought the Old Star in London, England, naming it after himself and putting his mistress, Sophia Booth, in charge.

    A rooftop bar called Skylight is located just adjacent to Tobacco Dock, and it is open from Thursday through Sunday. A great assortment of drinks, outstanding views, an excellent ice rink in the winter, and croquet in the summer.

    Captain Kidd—offering an organic beer that one can savour on a bright day in London, all while having a garden with a stunning view of the Thames. Many of the great pirate stories have been told in this pub.

    Education in Wapping

    Wapping is close to the City of London Girls school in the Barbican and housing the Green Gables Montessori School. Dreammaker Day Nursery and Matilda Day Nursery are two of Wapping’s nursery facilities, as well as Hermitage Primary School and Shapla Primary School, the two schools the facilities serve. Wapping High School and Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School are two of the most popular secondary schools in London.

    Crime and Safety

    For London, Wapping has low levels of violent crime and a high rate of property crime.

    Fun Fact about Wapping

    Residents in Wapping are sometimes called “Wappas”.