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    Comprehensive third party reference check on all tenants

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of tenants do you have?

    We have a huge database of tenants waiting for your property. Our professional and corporate tenants are fully referenced and vetted by us to ensure the highest level of financial capability, reliability and suitability. PropertyLoop works closely with partners who relocate tenants from corporate companies to London and always have requirements for more properties across the capital.

    What are your fees?

    We believe in fair and transparent fees, so you know exactly where your money is being spent when you use our services. Our all-inclusive packages have no hidden charges or extras for the landlord. In fact, we won't be beaten on price or service.

    Compare our packages and see what's included here.

    Our fees represent the best value for money in today's market. Use our "Compare letting agent fees" tool to see how much you can save compared to other agents across London and see what you can save compared to your current agent.

    Which areas do you cover?

    PropertyLoop is the fastest-growing lettings brand in the UK and covers all 120 postcode districts in London. We have local lettings experts covering every area who know your local market and can advise you with the highest level of service. Landlords inside London have full use of all our services.

    We continue to expand in new areas and will add further locations in Surrey, Essex, Kent and neighbouring areas to London in early 2023.