Which type of investor are you?

Professional Investor

Our Professional Investors are experienced individuals or entities capable of making investment commitments of £25,000 or more. They have the financial stability, knowledge, and acumen to understand and take on the potential risks and rewards of investing in a startup.

Everyday Investor

Our Everyday Investors are passionate supporters of our mission who can make smaller investment commitments between £250 to £24,999. They may not have extensive financial knowledge, but they share our vision and see the potential in contributing to our growth.

Thanks for your interest in PropertyLoop!

We’ve oversubscribed our round and only have a very small allocation remaining for investors. We don't have time to meet with everyone, so we're sharing our investor presentation with you. More than anything we hope this transparency builds trust. Interested? Fill out the form below. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the deadline to Invest?

As there is just a small allocation remaining, we expect to close out the round by September 2023 latest. 

Is the investment EIS accredited?

Yes. We are HMRC EIS approved and you can find out more about EIS benefits here. EIS investors can benefit from five different tax reliefs if they invest in an EIS-qualifying company: income tax relief, tax-free growth, loss relief, capital gains deferral and inheritance tax relief.