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Whitechapel Area Guide

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Whitechapel is brimming with colour, food, and society. This district of East London has actually shaken off its dubious history to become one of the best destinations in London to enjoy authentic South Asian cuisine, along with a diverse introduction to cosmopolitanism.

Whitechapel has undergone a physical transformation over the previous 15 years. The bubbling Karahi cooking pot has instead become a diminished curry house collection, since only the best Indian eateries in the city remain. Also, the Aldgate gyratory system, well recognised for being a car-crowding cause and aggravator, has been reconfigured to open up streets to calmer travel and safer bike lanes together with Industrial Roadway becoming a superhighway for cyclists. In addition, the Neighbourhood Authority has begun a fifteen-year Whitechapel Vision, which will involve the creation of brand-new houses and even more open spaces, all while making various improvements to the region.

If you keep looking in all directions, you’ll find that Whitechapel has many unique and interesting things to offer; there are mosques, old buildings, bagel shops, and a very active market in the area. Plenty of various property design styles are found tucked away behind the main roadways in this particular Zone 2 region. For acquisition and rent, period conversions, new buildings, and converted storehouses are all on the market. Whitechapel has swiftly become one of the most looked after neighbourhoods in East London, as the coming of Crossrail has made travel easier for everyone.

History of Whitechapel

There were several homeless people in Whitechapel at the time, as well as the poorest people in society. A 50/50 chance of surviving to age five was given to the people who lived in the town. This also highlights how dedicated the people of Whitechapel were.

Whitechapel has transformed from a dark, bleak, and monotonous place to a trendy, modern, and imaginative location that is very busy with many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops around, and this area is also highly sought after by real estate investors who are eager to take advantage of Whitechapel’s nearness to central London.towerhamletswest-3-scaled

Getting Around Whitechapel

Whitechapel is an area in East London that is part of Tower Hamlets, a borough in London. Vibrant and always developing. The location is approximately bounded by Middlesex Street, Mansell Street, Cambridge Heath Roadway, and Sidney Road to the west, The Highway to the north, and Style Road to the east.

Spitalfields Market and Block Lane are all included in the Whitechapel neighbourhood. If you’re in Shoreditch and like to see live music, Columbia Road Market, Victoria Park, and also the nightlife of Old Road are all just minutes away. A short flight will also bring you into Central London.

Popular areas nearby and their transport times are listed below: 

  • The City is 1.2 miles away and is 10-15 minutes away whether that be by car, bike or bus.
  • Canary Wharf is 2.6 miles and is 10-15 minutes away whether that be by car, bike or bus.
  • Southwark is 1.7 miles away and is 20 minutes away whether that be by car, bike or bus.
  • Westminster is 3.9 miles and is 20-25 minutes away whether that be by car, bike or bus.
  • Shoreditch is 1.7 miles away and 10-20 minutes away whether that be by car, bike or bus.towerhamletswest-18-scaled

The average price of renting in Whitechapel:

  • A studio in Whitechapel – £345 
  • 1 bedroom in Whitechapel – £374 
  • 2 bedroom in Whitechapel – £455  
  • 3 bedroom in Whitechapel – £552 

Local Life

Despite being one of the loveliest areas in London, Whitechapel is rough around the edges. It’s still in its early stages, has a lower cost of living, and has excellent transportation links that will allow you to travel all around the place. It is highly recommended that you explore this possibility before you make the transfer.

Open Spaces

Spitalfields’ farm is a refreshing change from the typical cityscape. There are not only agricultural crops but also a variety of animals on the farm, which was formed in 1978.

There is also the Nomadic Community Garden, which is located on the opposite side of the Overground railroad. This is intended for adults, but kids will find it interesting as well.

The community garden is a haven of creativity, as many locations have been constructed from things that were lying around, which results in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

At periods, it appears to be an art gallery, a farm, a cafe, and a performance place. To be expected, considering that all of those things are true here.

Local Authority

Valuation band Range of values Year 1 April 2021to 31 March 2022
A Up to and including £40,000 £984.61
B £ 40,001 – £ 52,000 £1,148.72
C £ 52,001 – £ 68,000 £1,312.82
D £ 68,001 – £ 88,000 £1,476.92
E £ 88,001 – £120,000 £1,805.12
F £120,001 – £160,000 £2,133.33
G £160,001 – £320,000 £2,461.53
H More than £320,000 £2,953.84

Broadband Internet

Fibre broadband speeds in Whitechapel range from 38Mbps to 120Mbps in updated locations.


Whitechapel Town Library is one of the earliest libraries in London. It was also the first public library in East London to get permission to be established by referendum, thanks to Canon Barnett, who spearheaded the campaign. This building commemorates the first time that this group of fifteen London libraries partnered up on a construction.


  • Equinox Bishopsgate
  • PureGym London Whitechapel
  • Whitechapel Sports Centre
  • Muscleworks Health Club London

Arts and Recreation

If you are in London and want to see a public art gallery, then the Whitechapel Gallery on Whitechapel High Street’s north side is a must-see. For well over a century, the gallery has featured distinguished artists ranging from contemporary masters like Sophie Calle, Paul Noble, Thomas Struth, and Mark Wallinger to modern legends like Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Frida Kahlo. With their modern-day art galleries, London’s cultural scene has come to be an important aspect of the city.

Wiltons Music Hall – an extremely well-kept secret. Some sources claim that this magnificent music hall is the planet’s first ever. There is a small terrace of dwellings that is hidden behind these residences, and which is accessed via pedestrian ramps – a great opportunity not to be missed!

The Whitechapel Gallery, one of London’s more popular art galleries, re-opened in 2009. The Whitechapel Gallery showcases cutting-edge modern art from around the world, although it is on a lesser scale than other world-class galleries like the Tate Modern and the National Gallery.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this gallery began showcasing several of the more peripheral artists, but these days, the general public understands their works. Some of Picasso’s paintings were housed in the gallery back in 1938. Because of its status as one of the most forward-thinking galleries in the world, the gallery has truly built its name and reputation.

You should also visit the East London Mosque. Whitechapel’s East London Mosque is crucial to the community, and the local mosque serves as a symbol of faith and hope for many.


For bargain shopping, go to Whitechapel Market, which is known for its better deals and relaxed atmosphere. Whitechapel market is frequented by locals and the city’s coolest kids, both of whom might have taken an erroneous turn along Business Road.

Next, have a look at Brick Lane to get an overview of the interesting stores. It is an attractive walk since there are art galleries, bakeshops, and clothing businesses on nearly every block.

With a blend of the old and the new, Old Spitalfields Market is the greatest place to walk on a Sunday. There is something for everyone in covered market stalls, which are bordered by renowned brand retailers.

Here, you are more likely to find trendy, antique, and vintage clothing stores. As for sightseeing, tour Whitechapel’s top boutiques and vintage stores at the Old Truman Brewery, which has been remodelled into a district featuring some amazing shop fronts. There are few better pop-up markets to gaze at than BoxPark. It’s located near Whitechapel and Shoreditch, where the trendy and successful young people, together with the wealthy and successful businessmen, converge.

Eating & Drinking

Hotbox: Dine on American foods like ribs, burgers, and other classics. 

Cafe from Crisis: This cafe serves good eats and donates their funds to homeless causes. 

Tayyabs: The authenticity of Tayyabs has been evident since 1972, when the restaurant first opened.

If you’re looking for food, music, mixed cocktails, and networking all in one place, look no farther than Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger!

Brick Lane offers authentic South Asian street food, and this is available in large quantities and at reasonable prices.

Grounded Coffee Business: Sit behind a laptop computer for hours or sprint in and out for a speedy flat white. Coffee is delicious and flavorful, and the morning meal is amazing. Do not go without eating the sourdough bread with natural poached eggs and spinach!

The most famous cuisine in this neighbourhood is Indian, which is unusual enough to merit attention. You’ll see there are numerous Indian restaurants in Brick Lane as you walk. Every Saturday and Sunday, Brick Lane Food Hall is open. For your lunch break reward, eat a samosa that has just been cooked or munch on some aloo chaat.

You’ll find a wide variety of restaurants to choose from and, in the evening, the area will be buzzing. You can expect delicious meals at any one of these Whitechapel restaurants.towerhamletswest-24-scaled


Apples & Pears: A memorable cocktail bar in Whitechapel. Found on Osborn St, here you’ll find live music and creative drinks.

Discount Match Company: Posh bar with good cocktails. Great for a date or happy hour. 

The Blind Beggar: Try East London ale at this iconic, historic pub. 

The Oliver Conquest: Pub with 300+ gins, and growing!


Primary Schools

All Whitechapel’s state primary schools are ranked “great” or much better by Ofsted:

  • Sir John Cass’s in Duke’s Place
  • St Paul’s Whitechapel CofE 
  • Thomas Buxton Bigland Green 
  • Blue Gate Fields Junior School
  • Smithy Street Main School

Boarding Schools

There is also a mix of “impressive” and “excellent” scores: 

  • Swanlea 
  • Morpeth
  • Sir John Cass & Red Coat 
  • Mulberry School for Ladies 
  • Mulberry Academy
  • Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College
  • Wapping High

Private Schools

Private primary schools include Gatehouse, Green Gables Montessori, and Lyceum. 

Whitechapel has private Islamic schools as well such as the London East Academy, nearby the East London Mosque.

Crime and Security

As Whitechapel continues to grow and develop, the area becomes more and more safe. It has had an original reputation as rough around the edges and slightly suspicious, but that’s changing everyday. In fact, Whitechapel is much safer than some central London locations.

Fun fact about Whitechapel

The 1880’s infamous serial murders, often referred to as Whitechapel Murders, occurred in Whitechapel. The area is home to notorious killer Jack the Ripper, and the area offers trips and museums to learn more about the murders.