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Old Ford Area Guide

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Although surrounded by canals and parks, Old Ford is a small community located in the north of Bow. Despite the fact that this district is dominated by council-built flats, it enjoys the same favourable transport connections, facilities, and affordability as other areas in Bow. People that reside here will find it to be a terrific place to live with a low cost of living, resulting in outstanding value.


History of Old Ford

The old Ford used to be a group of buildings and a mill, where the ford was. Stepney is a suburb of the historic London borough of the same name. Although there has always been a connection between Bow and the civil government, the parish was founded in the Victorian era and quickly expanded during this time.

Old Ford was the farthest downstream crossing place of the River Lea because of its name, which suggested that it was ancient. This path went through Bethnal Green, Old Street, and Oxford Street to Old Ford, and on to Wanstead Park, over a causeway across the marshes of Wanstead Slip (actually in Leyton).

As a result of 2016 construction and regeneration efforts in Fish Island, the area around East Old Ford has been called “the new Shoreditch” a gentrified neighbourhood of London that has occurred in the late 1990s.

Getting Around

There are no definite geographic or administrative boundaries in Old Ford, as it was never part of an administrative district, and the wider Old Ford community has long considered where the residential block to the north and east of Roman Road that borders Hertford Union and the River Lea.

Because two stationary objects (Victoria Park and the A12 Blackwall Tunnel Approach) formed the city’s western boundary, contemporary times necessitated changes to the rules of enclave boundaries. The location of the ancient borough of Hackney is roughly outlined by the following places: north by Hackney Wick, east by Stratford, south by Bow, and west by South Hackney.

There are several bus routes in and around Old Ford that service Tottenham Court Road station as well as Bow Church, as well as Route 8, Routes 277, 276, 339, 425, and 488, and D6. The N8 and N277, among other routes, are also connected to the London Night Bus network.

The North London Railway (North line) and the Great Eastern Main Line (East line) formerly had stations at Old Ford and Coborn Road, respectively.

To reach the A12 (East Cross Route) travelling north/north east-south, Parnell Road and Tredegar Road link to the National Road Network through Old Ford.


This diversified and down-to-earth neighbourhood has a more lasting vibe than transient neighbourhoods. This neighbourhood is developed mostly with council-built low-rise flats for housing, not single-family homes, which might not be suitable for everyone. Many areas for children and families to play are nearby, in the form of the Victoria Park immediately to the north of the region, and the Olympic Park to the east. The Hertford Union Canal, as well as the River Lea, offers pleasant riverside walks.

Average rental prices are as follows:    

  • Studio / 1 BR – £780
  • 2 Bedrooms – £1,603
  • 3 Bedrooms – £2,000
  • 4 Bedrooms – £2,914

Local Life in Old Ford

Old Ford is situated exactly in the centre of a Renaissance-like period. The prices have gone up, but so has the quality and number of things to do in the area. This location makes for a great living situation for families and small business owners who desire shorter commutes to the city.

Open Spaces

The neighbourhood is near several parks including Lefevre Park, Victoria Park, and the Olympic Park. And the River Lea and the Hertford Union Canal are also nearby, allowing for riverbank strolls.

Arts and Entertainment

Netil House is a 94-studio complex in London Fields, close to London Fields Station, which is the closest station to Camden Town, Shoreditch, and Old Street. In addition to housing these studios, the building houses a market, gallery, and Netil360, a rooftop space with excellent 360-degree views of London. 

Among other things, Netil House allows a number of creative firms (such as acrobats, musicians, photographers, restorers of fine art, filmmakers, and haberdashers) to operate under one roof. A run-down warehouse has transformed into a dynamic community for innovative thinkers. Summer brings hot-tubs and open-air cinema screenings, and the views over the City are beautiful.

Local Authority

Old Ford falls under the local council of Tower Hamlets. 

Valuation Band Range of Values Year 1 April 2021to 31 March 2022
A Up to and including £40,000 £984.61
B £ 40,001 – £ 52,000 £1,148.72
C £ 52,001 – £ 68,000 £1,312.82
D £ 68,001 – £ 88,000 £1,476.92
E £ 88,001 – £120,000 £1,805.12
F £120,001 – £160,000 £2,133.33
G £160,001 – £320,000 £2,461.53
H More than £320,000 £2,953.84


The location of the Roman Road Market is in the area where the oldest known commercial route in Britain, the road to Colchester, first led to London. The road is located in the East End of London. This is a down-to-earth shopping environment where great discounts are found. The market is busiest on Saturdays. Occasionally, special events are held throughout the year, such as the yearly Summer and Winter Festival.

Eating and Drinking

Restaurants can be found throughout the East End of London. Excellent transport links make it simple to get to the close neighbourhoods of Bow or Hackney, where delicious foods abound.
Fried chicken is prepared and cooked at the back of a retrofied fried chicken shop called 458 Old Ford Road, Bow, London, United Kingdom.


This area of Bow is full of bustling bars and pubs. Other nightlife districts, such as the West End, have excellent transport connectivity. Nightlife is available in other adjacent towns as well.

The Eleanor Arms is a community house located at 460 Old Ford Road in Bow, London.


Compared to London as a whole, the neighbourhood has a lower population and is mostly occupied by working-age adults. A lot of people consider Bow’s primary schools to be high-quality.

Crime and Safety

For London, Old Ford has an above-average rate of violent crime and a high rate of property crime.

Fun Fact about Old Ford

Old Ford’s name is recorded as early as 1268, however it’s possible that a ‘Robert of Aleford’ came from here in 1244. “Old Ford” locale is marked on the map just above.