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UK properties fail to meet energy-efficiency standards

According to a new report by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence, the UK's housing sector is lagging behind other countries by more than 30% in the use of heat pumps.

Heat pumps have been promoted the governments across the EU as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also providing cost savings for households.

The residential sector in the UK accounts for 16% of total greenhouse gas emissions, with space and water heating being the main sources of energy consumption.

The report identifies several barriers to the adoption of heat pumps, such as higher capital costs, mis-targeted deployment, and competing economic interests compared to countries like Denmark and Sweden.

With the UK committed to achieving a net-zero target by 2050, the report calls for greater coherence in policies and regulations, incentivising manufacturers to address concerns and provide end-users with a positive experience.

Financial incentives and reducing the imbalance in levies on electricity and gas bills are suggested as simple ways to attract consumers to adopt heat pumps.