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Airbnb crackdown continues

Airbnb owners and guests may soon face stricter penalties as the UK government proposes new legislation to crack down on anti-social behavior.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £160m initiative to tackle “problematic” behavior, including short-term holiday lets.

The plan includes a proposed council register of short-term holiday lets, which would enable authorities to take action against guests and owners if a let proves problematic.


AirBnB proves problematic for local homeowners 

AirBnB has fallen out of favor with homeowners due to stories of excessive noise, parties, and hidden cameras.

Airbnb claims that all guests should already be complying with a global party ban, which has resulted in a global 44% drop in the rate of anti-social behavior reported since August 2020.

The company also requires guests to comply with a good neighbor community policy to prevent them from being a nuisance.


Stricter penalties could be bad news for AirBnB lets

If a property repeatedly breaches guidelines imposed by Airbnb or under the UK's new antisocial behavior legislation, both hosts and guests could face sanctions.

The government has not yet released information about what these might look like.

Restrictions to the number of short-term holiday lets might also see a cap on the number of properties available for Airbnb rental.


Local UK governments take action

In 2022, Edinburgh became Scotland’s first holiday let “control zone,” requiring anyone hosting a short-term property let that is not the owner’s principal home to have planning permission.

New policies still under review by the Scottish Government could see a further clampdown on planning permission for further short-term lets.

An Airbnb spokesperson stated that the company is committed to being a good partner to local communities.

They also claim that they blocked more than 84,000 people in the UK from making unwanted bookings in 2022.

The company’s 24/7 hotline for neighbors allows anyone to contact Airbnb directly about a concern with a listing, and they investigate and take action on reports received.