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How Do I Photograph My Rental Property?

With the overwhelming majority of tenants now abandoning high street letting agents in favour of starting the search for their new home online, photographs of your rental property have never been so important for landlords. Aside from granting what could be your future tenants with their first glimpse of your rental opportunity, but helps generate outstanding interest in the property being presented.  

Can I take photos of my rental property? PropertyLoop

Understand Your Target Renters 

It is essential for landlords to remember that in many cases they will simply be renting out a property, but facilitating a specific lifestyle for the tenant. For this that wish to primarily let out their property to full-time students, planning the floor space to show where studying could be done, alongside more communal areas would allow future occupants to more easily envision their time within the property.  

How Do I Take Good Picture for My Rental Property? 

Finish Any Repairs and Decorating   

It goes without saying that landlords don’t want to showcase a half-finished property and renters will undoubtedly be turned off any rental opportunities that are full of much needed repairs.  

Declutter and Clean  

Similarly, the future occupants of a rental property will rightfully expect to be welcomed into a clean and tidy space, free from clutter and the belongings of the previous tenants. Not only will clearing this space give the rental a cleaner feel, but help tenants visualise living in the property. 

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 Take Advantage of Lighting   

Using a much natural light as possible, alongside adding lamps around a darker room will not only brighten the space but give the impression of greater floor space.  

Correct Orientation

Make sure to capture each room’s character in its fullest, providing future occupants with a rich understanding of each space the rental has to offer. Many find this easier to capture each room in a landscape orientation, just be sure to keep yourself out of the shot and not in any reflections from mirrors or windows.  

Why professional real estate photos are important? PropertyLoop

 Use a High-Quality Camera

With mobile phones allowing anyone to quickly and easily take photographs at any time, the convenience is indisputable. However, the quality presented through modern cameras will give you a large advantage of the thousands of hastily shot mobile images.  

The Lead Photograph 

Similarly, to the importance of curb appeal, this is the image that renters will see before they click on your listing. It is essential that this offers a great insight into what your rental can provide and often displays the most compelling space within the rental.  

Outdoor Space 

The lockdown period highlighted the importance of providing the occupants of your rental property with outdoor space. This feature is still highly sought by renters so be sure to highlight this highly desirable amenity in your property listing through photographs.  

Should You Get Professional Rental Photos?   

It is not uncommon for landlords that are otherwise occupied with a sizeable portfolio, or first-time landlords to depend upon the skills of a professional photography service to best showcase their rental opportunity. As can be expected this will often present a cost to the landlord, but in turn will help garner increased interest in any rental opportunity, helping connect owners with their ideal tenant faster and reducing landlord’s exposure to costly void periods.  

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