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What Is the Best Online Letting Agent for Landlords in London?

With the number of available rental properties dwindling by an eyewatering 68% over the course of 2021, a time where the nation has experienced unprecedented demand for rental properties, particularly as the workforce flood back to the nation’s capital. With rent across London still remaining slightly lower than pre-pandemic levels it remains an attractive choice for renters and aspiring landlords alike. But how do owners find a good rental agent? And what is the best online letting agent for landlords in London?  

How do I find a good letting agent UK? PropertyLoop

What Is a Letting Agent?

Generally speaking, a letting agent is a third party that will often act on behalf of the landlord, helping them to find tenants and ensure all aspects of the tenancy continue to run smoothly. Letting agents will commonly offer rental property owners different services regarding their tenancies, with perhaps the most simple and synonymous with agents being to help landlords in the search for the ideal tenant. However, whilst some landlords enjoy having a hands-on approach with their rental portfolio, seeing them personally carry out periodic inspections of their properties, interview aspiring tenants and attend to repairs, many choose to place these pillars of a successful let into the hands of the letting agents through a management service.

How Do I Choose a Good Rental Agent in London?

With the many upfront costs that come with becoming a landlord, rental property owners must understand how to choose a good rental agent. Naturally, all owners want their agents to find them a suitable tenant quickly, but how else can you identify a professional agent that will get you the most cost-effective results.

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What Services Do You Need as a Landlord?

As mentioned, when choosing a letting agency, it is essential to consider the services a letting agent can offer a landlord. The most basic service offered by letting agents will be the tenant finding service, seeing the letting agent source potential occupants for the rental property, assist the landlord with referencing (for an additional fee) and in some cases collect rent each month.  

Alternatively, many landlords choose to employ letting agents for their management services, seeing the letting agency handle the day to day interaction with the tenants, responding to any queries they may have alongside conducting mid tenancy inspections, maintenance and remedial work as well as protecting any security deposits.  

Compare Letting Agency Fees

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of a letting agent is their fierce knowledge and understanding of letting dynamics in your local area. This saves landlords having to assess similar rental opportunities that are being offered in their area, with an expert at hand that knows the opportune time and method in which to take advantage of tenant demand, competitive rental rates and the unique character each rental opportunity boasts.  

How do I find a good letting agent? PropertyLoop

What Fees Can a Letting Agent Charge? 

As mentioned, letting agents in London can offer both new and established landlords a variety of services to help maintain and grow their portfolios. It goes without saying that the exact fees landlords can be charged will vary not only between individual letting agencies, but the services a property owner wishes to utilise.  

Typically, landlords that call upon letting agents for a let only service, seeing the letting agent find a tenant to occupy the rental property, owners can pay a one-off fee equivalent to around a month’s rent. For owners that take on a letting agent to manage their rental properties, this will often come with a moderate slice of the rental income each month, usually seeing around 15% go to the agents.  

Compare How Letting Agents Will Market Your Property?   

Gone are the days where landlords could turn to their high street letting agency and the tried-and-true method of store front advertising would be enough to attract potential occupants. It is no secret that over recent years the overwhelming majority of tenants have moved their search for a new home online, seeing property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla become synonymous with the rental sector.  

With innovations such as high definition video tours and dimensionally accurate 3D digital recreations of entire properties now being widely utilised to attract a new generation of renters, landlords have more options than ever before at their disposal, but also a higher price to stand out when finding tenants.  

What Is the Best Online Letting Agent for Landlords in London?   PropertyLoop

Choosing the Best Online Letting Agents in London 

When letting through PropertyLoop landlords can expect to pay half the commission of traditional agents. Aside from being priced amongst the cheapest letting agents in London, with 97% of landlords recommending our services after connecting them with over 50,000 tenants in the last year alone our Property Pros are amongst the best online letting agents in London.  

Finding the Best Letting Agent Near You!


Why continue paying thousands each year in commission to let your property? With 97% of landlords recommending our services, and with over 50,000 tenants joining our rental community in the last year alone PropertyLoop is welcoming a new era of renting.

The PropertyLoop platform establishes the trust, transparency and personal service that has been lost from the renting sector. We are anything but another faceless corporation looking to profit from your investment, but a community founded on expertise and ambition.

We offer landlords complete clarity on available specialists through a landlord controlled rating and review system, giving users complete confidence of your PropertyPro’s proven results in finding owner’s ideal tenants faster.

With PropertyLoop landlords will have everything they need to let out their rental from start to finish, with no hidden fees, financial barriers or catches; only a revolutionary new way to let.