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What Is the Best Month to Rent Out Your Property

If you’re new to buy to let and keen to rent out your property, should you just go ahead and do it? Or, should you consider whether it might be more opportune to wait a little while?  

If you are of the latter opinion then take a little time to read through our guide to monthly letting. You’ll find the best months for viewings for particular segments of the population, giving you plenty of time to get organised and be super-savvy when your target market is looking. 

Families, for instance, like to move during the summer months so that the kids are settled in time for the new school term. Students too, go back to university in September and October (always a busy time for student HMOs). 

But what about young professionals? Doesn’t it just depend on when they get that new job and city move? And couples? Maybe they’re set on moving soon as the New Year falls. Landlords, read here to see which month is best for you, depending on who your target rental market is: 


All those renters who made moving home part of their New Year resolution will be out looking now so get your property spic and span for them to view. 


Things should definitely start to hotten up now. And we don’t just mean the weather. The letting market should also be pretty healthy looking. Best bit to remember here is to give any tenants moving in a 12-month lease. Who wants to be looking for new tenants during the freezing cold and dark winter months? 


Ok, this is the perfect time to list your property for renting. Why? Well, the weather should be great so people will be happy to go looking. Also, sunshine and bright light will make your property look nicer. If there’s a garden, remember to give it a good tidy up. Kerb appeal really matters! 


Yes, this is peak holiday month but often those who are renting and saving up for five weeks deposit and one month’s rent, have other priorities in mind. You’ll get a lot of students renting now so that they’re organised for the next year at university or college. 

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And, yes, you’ve guessed it – there will still be plenty of students around trying to sort out last-minute accommodation, having returned from a summer-long work vacation abroad


Families will move house around this time. They don’t have the student market to bother about, and they’ll want into a new home in time for Christmas. 

Top Tips for Renting Out Your Property

If a tenant is moving out and you’re planning on redecorating or updating a bathroom or kitchen then say this in your property listing or advert. That way you can advertise while doing the work and have tenants lined up ready to move in the minute you finish.  

Ask the existing tenants if you can get access to start the work as soon as they give notice they’re leaving. Not all will agree, but it’s worth asking.

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