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Top 5 Pet Places in Canary Wharf

With the number of pet friendly rental opportunities within the nation’s capitol looking to be on the rise, we offer our guide to the best vets, salons and grooming in Canary Wharf.

Pet Places in Canary Wharf
???? cover photo:  @groomdogcity

NO. 1

Groom Dog City in Canary Wharf

Self proclaimed as London’s Premier Pet Grooming Salon, Groom Dog City is a pet groomer located in the heart of East London. They’re known for their professionalism and care. You can tell these groomers in Canary Wharf genuinely love what they do. The team is friendly and listens to clients carefully to make sure you (and your pet!) are happy with the results. The price point is a good value for the high‑quality and award‑winning service you get.

Groom Dog City
Photo credits: @groomdogcity

NO. 2

Absolutely Animals

Absolutely Animals offers grooming for all dog and cat breeds.Their staff is award‑winning and have over 30 years of experience in the business. They’re extremely knowledgeable and offer not only pet grooming, but courses on how to groom your pet yourself. You’ll even get a free consultation of what’s the best grooming plan for your pet. Above all, clients are confident in Absolutely Animals’ skills and expertise.

Photo credits: @kingleo_thechow

NO. 3

Diva Dogs Grooming near Canary Wharf

Diva Dogs knows that transporting pets can be a hassle and that your pet may be anxious to leave their home. That’s why they come to you. For owners who are too busy, Diva Dogs offers fast and convenient mobile grooming services for your pets. Pamper your pet with a spa day from the comfort of your very own. They offer “maintenance” packages with different options such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, wash and cut, pad trimming, dog sitting, dog walking and more; making them one of the best pet groomers in Canary Wharf.

Diva Dogs premier Dog Daycare Near Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @diva_dogs_uk

NO. 4

Poplar vets

Poplar vets is an independent veterinary clinic in London. They offer a variety of professional services such as pet surgery, vaccination, microchipping, emergency services, pet passports and more. The clinic is on the more affordable end and even offers free neutering for university students, owners with low household income and more. The staff are very friendly, and take special care to examine and explain each case thoroughly.

Popular Vets London, pet surgery and clinic near Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @poplarvets

NO. 5

Cats, Dogs and Peace of Mind

Cats, Dogs and Peace of Mind offers a variety of services such as pet sitting, dog walking, training and grooming. The business gives owners exactly what its name implies – peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands. If you’re away on holiday or just too busy, Cats, Dogs and Peace of Mind is ready to sit down and set up a comprehensive plan to take care of your pet. Plans can include all of the services above, as well as general advice and guidance, diet needs and exercise regime.

Cats, Dogs and peace of mind
Photo credits: @catsdogsandpeaceofmind

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