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Top 5 Parks in Canary Wharf

A guide for renters in Canary Wharf

Looking for a rental in Canary Wharf? Before you start looking for a flat, take a look at the many parks in the area. Canary Wharf is no stranger to some of the most beautiful green space the nation’s capital has to offer. With around 20 acres of rural landscape to explore, we offer a helping hand showcasing some of the best parks in Canary Wharf.

Mudchute farm, a park in Canary Wharf
???? cover:  @mudchute_farm

NO. 1

Mudchute Park & Farm

✨ Most family-friendly

Renters with kids will enjoy the family-friendly Mudchute Park. Located in the middle of Isle of Dogs and south of Canary Wharf, Mudchute Park and Farm is an environmentally friendly 32 acres open space for the public to enjoy. The space is available for picnics, events, family visits, school trips, community groups or just a simple get together. The farm is actually one of the largest inner-city farms in Europe! There are over 100 animals and fowls on the farm, with opportunities for visitors to pet, feed and learn more about the breeds.

Animals on display at Mudchute farm, a park in Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @defend.the.defenseless
Pigs of Mudchute Park and Farm in Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @louielegon
More of the residents of Mudchute park and farm in Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @louielegon
Fury Friends of Mudchute farm and park in Canary Wharf.
Photo credits: @photos_by_lozza_x

Mudchute Park & FarmPark

NO. 2

Wild Kingdom Playspace

✨ Most imaginative and creative

Just as the name implies, the Wild Kingdom Playspace is full of fun and adventure. Another family-favourite for renters with kids, this park in Canary Wharf encourages imaginative play and creative outdoor activity. You’ll find a variety of play structures including rope swings, stepping stones, boulders, “fallen trees” and more to navigate around. If that’s not your style, there’s also a stage and picnic areas for families. There are events year round and the playspace is easily accessible via public transport. If you plan to drive, there’s parking nearby.

Wild Kingdom Playspace park in Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @adamjomeen
Tranquil setting provided by Parks in Canary Wharf.
Photo credits: @albear_pei_n_penny_pat

Three Mills Park

NO. 3

Victoria Park in Canary Wharf

✨ Largest green space with tons of amenities

Active renters will enjoy Victoria Park, the largest green space in Tower Hamlets at 86.18 hectares, making it one of the more sizable parks in Canary Wharf. Here you’ll find parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, sports fields, a boating loak, picnic areas, public toilets, exercising equipment, a pagoda, ice cream vans and more. There’s really no shortage of things to do here. You’ll also find lots of hipsters, families, cyclers, rollerbladers and runners around the park. Events are often held here, including music festivals and a food market on Sundays.

Sun seekers enjoy the green space of Victoria Park near Canary Wharf.
Photo credits: @oonae.lina
Victoria Park near Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @yosheeboi
Iconic scenery at Victoria Park.
Photo credits: @morrykent

Victoria Park

NO. 4

Granary Square

✨ Most spectacular and fun

Renters of all ages will enjoy the fountains at Granary Square, a crowd favourite and most popular attraction in King’s Cross. There’s over 1,080 choreographed jets which spurt water at random intervals. It’s great fun on a sunny day, where you’ll find people of all ages running and splashing around. In the evenings, the fountains are illuminated with coloured lights and create a beautiful choreographed light show. There’s tons of restaurants and seating nearby in the neighbourhood as well, making it one of the more subtle “parks” in Canary Wharf.

Visitors Enjoy Granary Square near Canary Wharf.
Photo credits: @sergiobezzanti
Famous water display at Granary Square.
Photo credits: @darshana3011
Crowds at Granary Square in Canary Wharf.
Photo credits: @ya_pulser
Fountains of Granary Square.
Photo credits: @adamtysoe

Granary Square

NO. 5

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

✨ Most versatile and eventful park

Lastly, renters who like to attend events and love lively activity will surely have a use for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Canary Wharf. They host multiple venues for Olympic and Paralympic events, major sports events, concerts and more. You’ll even find an Olympic size swimming pool available for the public. The park also offers a climbing wall, playground, coffee shops, canal, outdoor gym, picnic areas, cycling paths, restaurants, swan boats and the world’s longest tunnel slide – the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @kayeratia
Olympic structures in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park near Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @han_neil
A stadium of the Olympic Park in Canary Wharf
Photo credits: @jane.kemp.24
Visitors enjoy the banks of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Canary Wharf.
Photo credits: @simzphoto

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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