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Should You Let Your Property Furnished or Unfurnished?

Alongside how much landlords should charge their tenants for rent, whether or not to let out a rental property in a furnished or unfurnished state is a universal apprehension for all landlords. With Insurance, safety regulations and deposits to consider, it is unfortunately not as simple as making the occupants of your property comfortable, but with our guide landlords will know how to best dress their rental opportunities.  

Should You Let Your Property Furnished or Unfurnished? PropertyLoop

What Must an Unfurnished Property Contain? 

It is common for new landlords and renters to assume that an unfurnished rental opportunity may come in a baron state; however, there are certain expectations that come with renting a home that need to be met regardless of if the rental opportunity is furnished upon moving in.  

Landlords that choose to offer their tenants an unfurnished property must ensure that their rental still provide tenants with basic amenities comprising white good, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, carpets and curtains.  

Do I Need Contents Insurance for My Rental Property?   

An essential consideration for landlords letting a property is the types of insurance they will need to take out in order to grant themselves sufficient financial protection. Whilst all landlords will require buildings insurance, those that hope to provide their tenants with a furnished home will also need to consider contents insurance to safeguard their furnishings, appliances and other belongings within the rental. However, it is worth noting that such a policy will only cover the landlord’s belongings and any items that are brought into the property by the tenants will require a different insurance plan.  

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What Are the Benefits of Letting a Furnished Rental Property?  

  • Your property should be quicker to rent   
  • Furnished flats attract a higher premium  
  • Professionals and overseas renters will want to see it  
  • You can sell the furniture once you no longer have tenants 

What are the cons of letting a furnished rental property?  

  • Buying furniture isn’t cheap  
  • It might get damaged  
  • Your renters might not like it   
  • You’ll have to store it if the tenant has their own stuff 

Should You Furnish Your Rental Property?   

The answer will naturally vary from landlord to landlord but will also be dependent on the type of renter that the owner wishes to attract. Typically, landlords that offer fully furnished rental properties will hope to attract young professionals or full-time students, as these arrangements will complement their lifestyle as they are unlikely to have accumulated the appropriate belongings to furnish a home. 


Property Furnished or Unfurnished

What Is Fair Wear and Tear? 

If offering potential tenants, a fully or partly furnished rental opportunity landlords will need to consider fear wear and tear. Traditionally the occupants of a rental property cause damage to the contents of their home the landlord is able to make a deduction from the amount of the security deposit that would be refunded to the tenant.  

With this being said it is essential for owners to note that they are unable to make such deductions is the damage is considered to be fair wear and tear. This term encapsulates any signs of damage that are expected to occur over the course of a tenancy, typically coming in the form of blemishes or scuffs on flooring, or marks on doors.  

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