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Property Maintenance Throughout The Seasons

An awful lot of work goes into keeping a rental property in good shape. Each and every season has their own set of rules when it comes to upkeep and repairs, making the process an ongoing one. But it’s important to remember that if you’re on the lookout for a property via an online property agent, it’s not just landlords who have to look after things – tenants also have their responsibilities. If you’re keen to take a look at the problems which occur throughout the season, then why not have a little read of our handy guide below.

Winter Property Maintenance

This is the most extreme season when it comes to your property and any works which may have to be undertaken – both major and minor. Landlords have several key responsibilities:


Property Maintenance


  1. Keep the boiler serviced. There’s going to be a lot central heating use throughout winter and it’s bound to take some serious punishment.
  2. Make sure your pipes are lagged and isolated before the frost arrives to stop them freezing over.
  3. Repair any roof tiles which are cracked or damaged to stop any potential leaks or mishaps.
  4. Service all of the house’s appliances.

When it comes to tenants, it’s imperative these things are done, too.  

  1. Inspect the roof and guttering from the ground for any damage – particularly after storms – and report it immediately to the landlord.
  2. Make sure to check windows and doors after heavy rain to ensure everything is sealed.
  3. Keep the garden in shape and cut back any excess growth. Keep drains clear of debris.
  4. Give the radiators a bleed before the cold kicks in.
  5. Ensure outside lighting is working correctly.

Essential Spring Property Maintenance Tips

During spring, landlords must: 

  1. Check the roof and chimney for any damage. Maintain clean, clear gutters/
  2. Ensure all smoke alarms are tested and working.
  3. Rid the property of overhanging branches and cut back climbing plants which can damage paintwork

 Tenants are also required to:

  1. Keep doors and window frames clean
  2. Inspect fences for any damage
  3. If the property has external taps, make sure they’re free from frost.

Summer Property Maintenance

You may well think that summer is all about taking it easy, but there are a few key jobs to do, too! Landlord’s must make sure to: 

  1. Ensure the property is pest and rodent free by inspecting it.
  2. Save long-winded repair and maintenance jobs for longer summer days.
  3. Ensure air conditioning units are serviced.
  4. Replace any damaged fencing or posts.

 For tenants, summer maintenance jobs include:

  1. Keeping the garden well maintained, pruning any excess branches or plants and keeping paths clear.
  2. Ensuring that the outdoor space isn’t used as a rubbish dump.

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Autumn Property Maintenance

Autumn is a critical month as it allows both landlords and tenants to prepare for winter. If you’re a landlord, these are some of autumn’s key responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring any gaps in the door frames or windows are sealed.
  2. Carrying out repairs to any brickwork.
  3. Clearing leaf falls from the gutter and drains.

 For tenants, autumn jobs include:

  1. Washing door frames and windows.
  2. Keeping all drains free from debris.
  3. Clearing the garden before the onset of winter.
  4. Ensuring outdoor and security lights are working.

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