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Maximising Space in Your Rental Property

Modern properties are often short on both size and space, with bedrooms often making up the smaller rooms in the property. Fortunately, if you’re currently searching for accommodation via an online property agent, there are a few easy hacks to help claw back some space. It’s important not to make any changes which could put your deposit in question by drilling holes or painting your rooms in wild shades. Instead, why not take a look at a range of ideas below to help you unlock a little space with ease.


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  1. Opting for striped rugs with the lines travelling lengthways will dramatically increase the perceived amount of space in any hallway or bedroom.
  2. By selecting some furniture with hidden storage such as an ottoman, you’ll be able to keep your floors and shelves as clear as can be, and really open up the space.
  3. A large piece of furniture such as a sofa will take up a lot less space than several smaller ones which seat the exact same amount of people. Plus, it’s a cheaper way to furnish a room, too!
  4. The addition of natural light will also increase the perceived amount of space in any room. If those net curtains have been hanging for years, it’s high time to rip them down and let the sun shine.
  5. When it comes to beds, many have the option of headboard storage in the form of shelving or extra space. This not only means you’ll have less to pack into your bursting wardrobes, but that you’ll have your daily essentials to hand quickly.
  6. It’s also good to have the occasional clear out. It’s quite incredible what we accrue over the years, and a day decluttering your shelves and drawers could make all of the difference.
  7. Try a truly minimalist theme in your room. This could include foldable chairs for visitors and a light smattering of furniture. It’s also a good discipline to practice trying to attain comfort with less.
  8. Ditching a garish overhead bulbs for small, selective lighting lamps will increase a room’s atmosphere and ambience as well as allow a room to appear bigger through the spheres of light they create.
  9. Try to use furniture which has more than one purpose. This could mean a table which is easily used as a desk or a bed which doubles as storage.

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  1. Decorate your property in neutral tones. Lighter walls will refract sunlight and make the room appear larger.
  2. You may hang a selection of mirrors in your rooms, which are well known to increase the perception of space – particularly when it comes to a large one in the living room.
  3. Don’t use blinds which cover half of the window – and never use net curtains. Keeping your windows as susceptible as possible to sunlight is a very important tool in space creation.
  4. When adding shelving, always opt for floating shelves. They take up far, far less space than those with chunky brackets. Plus, by adding them high on the wall, you’ll increase their minimal effect.
  5. By painting your ceiling the same colour as the walls, you’ll quickly make a room appear taller.
  6. If the property you are about to rent out is furnished, don’t cram all the furniture back against the walls. Instead allow it a little space to breathe.
  7. When it comes to compact rooms, try to keep the walls free and clear of artworks or shelving and opt for a minimal approach.
  8. Opting for recessed lights – particularly in rooms with low ceilings – will also increase a room’s height.
  9. Boxing in your radiators will stop them looking big, chunky and overbearing in any room.

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