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Landlord Approved Decorating Tips

We know the difference between a house and a home. If you’ve just moved into a rented property as a tenant, or are currently looking around via an online property agent, then it’s essential to know what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating a house and making it your own. No, you can’t simply start changing the colour of the walls or wallpapering the place, but there are plenty of little things you can do which are landlord approved and won’t cause a discrepancy via the property’s tenancy agreement. If you’re keen to learn a few key styling tips which also won’t break the bank, then why not have a read of our landlord-approved decorating tips below.

  1. Go for bold colours. Just because you’re not allowed to start slathering a brand new colour scheme across the walls doesn’t mean you can’t play with the room’s mood and ambience. Most rental properties come with neutral walls, so adding a dash of colour via cushions, bold wall art or even a few little chairs will make a massive difference. And don’t be afraid to rearrange the room so they’ll have maximum effect.
  2. Rugs. Whether the property comes with neutral carpets or wooden floors, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you picking up a little statement rug or two for some dramatic contrast between tones. You can go all out with an Eastern woven rug, or something a little more contemporary. You’ll notice the difference in the room’s vibe instantly.
  3. Lighting. Much of the time, a room’s ambience can be drowned out by a big, garish overhead bulb. Opting for a few freestanding or table lamps will not only allow you to control the room’s lighting to a greater degree, but if you choose yours in a bold colour scheme, it’ll add a welcome and authentic accent to the room’s decor. You could even try smart-bulbs which can be controlled from your phone.
  4. Wallpaper. No, we’re not talking about heat guns and paste and stripping and hours of mess. There’s a vast selection of removable wallpaper available out there which can be peeled off and stuck to the wall, then unstuck when you leave. Available in a galaxy of colours it’s just the thing for a unique bedroom or lounge. However, it’s important to have a word with the landlord before you do this, just to make sure you’re not breaking the tenancy agreement.
  5. Curtains. Landlords aren’t usually known for their gifted interior styling touch. Curtains, no matter how insignificant they may seem, can do an awful lot to affect the overall decor and style of a room. By going for some in a bright pattern, you’ll add a friendly feel to any bedroom or lounge. Going for thick, classic drapes will add a homely feel in no time, proving its simple and effective to decorate a room cheaply and quickly, without even so much as picking up a paintbrush.


Decorating Tips


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