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Gas Safety: A Rental Property Guide

If you’re a landlord, then one of the most important things to get sorted asap is a Gas Safety Certificate, which is valid for one year. Fortunately, this is extremely easy to do via a certified engineer as well as through an online property agent. Afterwards, you’ll be provided with a CP12 certificate, also known as a Landlord Gas Safety Record, which you are legally obliged to provide your tenants with, within 28 days of the inspection.

The process involves checking gas appliances to see if they are burning correctly and that they have proper ventilation. This process has been a legal requirement for landlords since 2015 – as well as ensuring the house is fitted with working smoke alarms. It’s also a good idea to kit out any room that uses a solid fuel appliance with a carbon monoxide detector.

It’s also essential that your tenants know what to look for in terms of symptoms when it comes to gas or carbon monoxide. Headaches, dizziness and nausea are critical to be on the lookout for. When faced with a gas emergency, it’s imperative that the following steps are taken:

  • Turn off the gas supply provided it’s safe to do so
  • Extinguish naked flames
  • Cease from using electrical switches to stop escaped gas from igniting
  • Seek fresh air
  • If anyone is feeling persistently unwell, go to the GP and say you may have potentially been exposed to Carbon Monoxide
  • Do not turn the gas back on until it’s been given the Ok by a certified engineer

Tenants should also be aware of any early warning signs of faulty gas appliances, like smoke or a yellow flame as opposed to a blue one. It’s also a good idea to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly, so as to ensure they don’t run out of batteries. The most important facet however, is to always have your checks carried out by an accredited gas safe engineer.

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Recent government studies found that there was a low level of awareness regarding gas safety, with around 33% of adults forgetting to check if the engineer working on their appliances was accredited to do so. Over the past year, the Gas Safe Register has conducted around 2000 illegal gas work investigations, with around 69% of these classified as unsafe to tenants. The good news is, that making sure everything is up to scratch by a Gas Safety Certificate will take around half an hour and won’t cost you the earth in the slightest!

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