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Garden Improvements For Landlords

Over the last year and in light of recent events regarding Covid-19, it has been highly documented that we are spending more and more time outside in our gardens. Recent property searches have highlighted the increased need for an outdoor space, with around double the amount of searches for gardens than during the previous year. If you’re a landlord about to list a property with an outdoor space via an online property agent, then it’s an extremely good idea to get it ready, and to maximise your garden’s potential. If you’d like a rundown of a few suggestions on how to do this, then we thoroughly suggest having a read if our handy little guide to garden maintenance below.

The time to address any garden is after winter. Rake up all the leaves and throw away any clutter that has been gathering rust. Sweep the paths and make sure everything looks as fresh and spacious as possible. This will help you identify any areas which need a little work. Is the fence busted? Could a few areas use a little wood treatment or a lick of paint? Opting to paint your fence black is a nice way to keep it in good condition as well as provide contrast to the grass. A bottle of teak oil will also do wonders for any wood that’s looking old and haggard.


If you have a patio of decking in the garden, it’s imperative to get it clean and sparkling. Mould and algae would have almost certainly built up over the colder, damper months making it look tired and grim. Renting a pressure washer and treating the wood with some algae removing cleaner will go an awfully long way to returning it to its former glory – without costing you a small fortune in the slightest.


A quick once over with a lawn mover will really reinvigorate your lawn. Just be sure you don’t do it when it’s wet or frosty as you will damage and weaken the grass. You can also trim the edges of the lawn with a strimmer to get it squared off to perfection.

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Despite what you may think, it’s not expensive at all to plant a few fruit trees or ornamental plants to get the garden looking utterly supreme. Just be sure to research the amount of care your chosen plants are going to need. Many are very hardy and have been well adapted to British weather and soil. You’ll also see very quickly how much of an effect planting something like a few bay trees can do for an unused patchy of muddy soil as well as the atmosphere of the garden in general.

A Vegetable Patch

Last but not least, there has been a hugely renewed interest in people growing and using their own produce. There are over 90,000 Britons on a waiting list for an allotment, if you can believe that! Amazingly, creating a space to do this really isn’t complex at all. All you need is an old flower bed which can be dug to a depth of around 40cm and then mixed in with some compost to provide fertile ground. Then, all you have to do is decide what you’d like to plant! Great beginner vegetables are carrots, lettuce, potatoes and beetroot!

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