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How Can I Make My Rental Property More Energy Efficient?

How Can I Make My Rental Property More Energy Efficient? PropertyLoop

What Is the Minimum EPC for a Rental Property?

Before landlords are able to let out their rental property, they must first not only obtain an Energy Performance Certificate but achieve a grade that satisfies current energy efficiency criteria known as the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard. As it currently stands in order for a rental opportunity to be hosted on the market to potential tenants it must have obtained an EPC rating of at least an E grade, meaning that any property that has failed to meet this threshold must have sufficient improvements made before being advertised.  

With this being said recent changes have been announced that the MEES will be increased from an E grade to a C in 2025, requiring all landlords that are currently not achieving this rank to make substantial changes to their rental in the name of going green.

What Is the Minimum EPC for a Rental Property? PropertyLoop

Energy Saving Tips for Renters! 

Despite common misconceptions, there are numerous measures the occupants of a property can introduce to make their home more environmentally friendly, helping to reduce bills, impact on the environment and energy consumption.  


Somewhat obvious as the act has been synonymous with environmentally friendly initiatives for years, but even with this in mind some renters can see a tremendous change from such a small change. Recycling and disposing of waste in a green way is simple, with many local authorities now colour coding bins for the disposal of different materials, drastically reducing the amount of waste the rental property produces whilst making it easier for tenants to care for any outdoor spaces with any compost they yield.  

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Install a Smart Meter 

Smart meters provide tenants with a fantastic insight as to their real energy consumption within the rental property. Not only will renters exclusively be billed for the utilities they actually use, but be far more aware of their usage, making monitoring energy consumption and overall expenditure far easier. As the smart energy meter will also record usage, the occupants of the rental property will also be spared periodically contacting their provider to offer the latest meter readings for a bill that more accurately reflects the property’s energy usage.  

Change to Energy Saving Light Bulbs 

Perhaps one of the simplest changes the occupants of a rental property can make to become more environmentally friendly is change out their old lightbulbs for LED’s. Universally revered for the significant impact they can have on reducing a household’s energy bills and consumption, LED bulbs have been found to be as much as 80% more efficient than their traditional counterparts, lasting longer and providing greater illumination.  

Cut Down on Water Use 

For many that live in rental properties keeping an eye on the amount of water that is used can be a difficult task. Perhaps one of the more common solutions is for the occupants to instal a low flow showerhead, drastically reducing the amount of water used when taking a shower whilst maintaining the typical water pressure experienced with a normal showerhead.  

Try to Keep the Heat In 

Once the landlord has obtained an energy performance certificate for their rental property it will include recommended improvements to the home in an effort to make it more environmentally friendly. One of the more common lines of advice will cover the proper insulation of the property, not only tremendously increasing the energy performance rating awarded to the property, but reducing the expenditure the tenants see across monthly utility bills. Whilst this may be one of the more costly initiatives a landlord can employ to make their rental more environmentally friendly, adding sufficient insulation to a property will go a long way in ensuring it meets future Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, allowing the landlord to let out their property and not face a void period as their rental is outdated and inefficient.  

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