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Electrical Checks: A Landlord’s Guide

As of January 14 2020, the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) confirmed – after long setbacks – that mandatory electrical checks on rented properties will come into effect. The introduction of these rules are designed to improve the safety of homes for tenants, and also to keep rogue landlords in check, who carry out substandard repairs and leave appliances or electrical boards hazardous to those who occupy the property.

What Do Landlords Need to Do?

The most important obligation for landlords, is to carry out inspections on the property every five years. New tenancies advertised via an online property agent require tests to be undertaken from July 1 2020 with exiting tenancies required to be tested by April 1 2021.

  • All private rental sector (PRS) must be tested, apart from when the landlord lodges with tenants.
  • These new laws are to replace House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) regulations for electrical installations
  • Electric installations must be tested every 5 years
  • All faults which are identified must be repaired by the landlord with 28 days
  • Confirmation of the repair or further work must be provide to tenants within 28 days

All landlords need to ensure they are presented with a written results report by a certified engineer and a date for the next inspection should be confirmed. In addition, all tenants must receive a copy of this within 28 days. If you are setting up a new tenancy, your prospective tenants must also be given a copy of the most recent report.

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Getting Ready

Although these rules have yet to come into full effect, they’re about to be passed, meaning there’s not long for landlords to prepare themselves and their properties. first thing’s first: it’s essential you dedicate some time to read up on what is required – local letting agents can be a great help with this.

Next, all you’ll have to do is contact a certified electrician and get your check booked in. Keeping your tenants safe and your properly up to legal precedent really is as simple as that. Creating an inventory of all electrical products within the property is also a good way to help make the process quick and efficient – as is communicating with your tenants to allow easy access to the property, helping make the entire process as streamlined as possible.

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