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Do Listed Buildings Require an EPC?

Through recent years, the government has attempted to fight energy wastage and to create homes which are more energy efficient. There are several key benefits here. The first is to help fight climate change with a smaller carbon footprint. The second is to help consumers pay less when it comes to their energy bills, creating homes which are much more energy efficient.

This has come to be known as Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). Introduced in 2018 it’s currently under review with the scope set to increase in the future. Whilst the guidelines and laws for landlords are well publicised, less so are works which may need to be carried out on properties with listed grade status.

If you’re a landlord who is about to advertise a listed building via an online property agent , the question as to whether certain listed properties are exempt are conflicting. According to officials, an EPC is not mandatory for listed buildings or properties which are part of a conservation area. This is because work undertaken could substantially alter the property from its original form, with a landlord still able to rent the property even though it may have an EPC rating of F- or G-.

The main issue here is how to determine if the work which would need to be undertaken would alter the property and detract from its character or appearance. The way to navigate this, for a landlord, would be to obtain a proposed draft of an EPC, investigating which types of work were recommended, and then see if it falls in line with the listings status.

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For example, the inclusion of double glazed windows would undoubtedly change a property’s characteristics, whilst the addition of a condenser boiler and LED lightbulbs will not. EPC’s on listed buildings are very much carried out on a case by cases basis. So, if you as a landlord are concerned, it’s best to seek the advice of a local authority as to what is deemed “unacceptable” and what may be deemed “unobtrusive.”

When considering an EPC status on a listed building, this is a handy guideline to follow:

  • Obtain a draft EPC for the property to investigate potential works
  • Investigate whether the suggested alternations qualify for exemption
  • Depending on the outcome, apply for exemption status or undertake works to ensure the property has an EPC rated of E- or above.

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