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South Croydon area guide

South Croydon is a vibrant and charming locale nestled within the heart of the London Borough of Croydon. Steeped in historical richness, bursting with quality educational institutions, and brimming with essential and diverse amenities, it's a neighbourhood that caters to the demands of every lifestyle.

Whether you seek a peaceful enclave for settling down, an energetic hub teeming with life and leisure, or a secure investment opportunity in the property markets, South Croydon unfailingly delivers.

This detailed guide aims to provide homeowners, tenants, and visitors with a comprehensive overview of what makes South Croydon a truly special place to live, work, and explore.

History of South Croydon

South Croydon, resting within the heart of the London Borough of Croydon, has been rich in historical significance since time immemorial. Adorned by the beautiful St. Peter's Church that dates as far back as the medieval period, it's a location that effuses charm and sophistication.

The area has experienced substantial growth and development in the 19th century due the introduction of the railway system. Today, it's the perfect amalgamation of historical splendour and modern urban living – a place where past and present coexist.

Education in South Croydon

South Croydon offers a plethora of choices when it comes to education. The location is host to a plethora of high achieving primary and secondary schools, reflecting the area's commitment to providing excellent education. Among these, Croydon High School and Whitgift School stand out with their stellar educational records.

South Croydon also boasts a number of special educational needs schools and after-school clubs, ensuring inclusive educational options for all.

Amenities in South Croydon

South Croydon is equipped with an array of essential amenities including well-equipped medical facilities, ample green spaces and efficient transport links. The area brims with shops offering fresh produce, fashion and lifestyle items, making everyday shopping a convenience.

Beautiful parks such as Croham Hurst Woods and Selsdon Nature Reserve offer serene spots for relaxation. Furthermore, Croydon University Hospital serves as the primary healthcare provider in the area.

Crime and Safety in South Croydon

South Croydon strives to maintain a safe and secure community for all its residents. Neighbourhood watches, CCTV surveillance and strong community policing initiatives contribute towards low crime rates. In commitment to maintaining security, residents are advised to stay knowledgeable and vigilant about safety practices and protocols.

Renting and Letting Property in South Croydon

South Croydon offers a wide array of housing options for both individuals and families. The rental market experiences vibrancy due to the blend of properties ranging from Victorian terraced houses to modern apartments. Buyers too, have plenty of options, whether you seek the charm of a character property or the sleek lines of contemporary design.

For those interested in becoming landlords, South Croydon's property market has a good track record of providing strong rental yields and steady capital appreciation, making it an commendable investment area.

Things to do in South Croydon

  • Croydon Airport Visitor Centre: Dive into the history of the world's first international airport.
  • Ruskin House: Home to numerous social and political organisations, this venue hosts a number of community events and cultural evenings.
  • Surrey Street Market: Engage in the local shopping experience at one of the oldest known street markets.
  • Croydon Palace: Once the summer residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, it's a must-visit site.
  • Croydon Clocktower: Enjoy arts, museum exhibitions and film screenings at this cultural venue.

Whether you’re a tenant catching the buzz of the city life, a homeowner seeking a peaceful neighbourhood, or a visitor exploring its charmed streets, South Croydon stands out as a thriving and appealing location amidst the bustle of London.

Is South Croydon a nice place to live?

South Croydon, with its broad selection of schools, parks, and restaurants, coupled with excellent transport links, is indeed a nice place to live, ideal for both families and young professionals.

Is South Croydon in Surrey or London?

South Croydon is considered part of London, situated in the London Borough of Croydon. However, historically, it was part of the county of Surrey until administrative changes brought it under London.

Is Croydon classed as south London?

Yes, Croydon is considered part of South London. It forms one of the major metropolitan centres in the southern part of the capital.

Which parts of Croydon are nice?

Some of the nicer parts of Croydon include the Sanderstead, Shirley, Purley, and the increasingly sought-after South Croydon, each offering a unique blend of amenities.

Is South Croydon a good place to live?

South Croydon, known for its strong community, diversity, and superb local amenities, is indeed a good place to live.

What is it like to live in South Croydon?

Living in South Croydon offers a blend of suburban tranquility, urban conveniences, and easy access to London's city centre, making it an attractive place for individuals and families alike.

What is the posh area of Croydon?

The poshest area of Croydon is often considered to be Purley, specifically the Webb Estate, well-known for its large, luxury homes.