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Northolt area guide

Discover the captivating neighbourhood of Northolt, situated in the western suburbs of London. Boasting a rich history, Northolt is an appealing destination for homeowners, tenants, and visitors searching for a quieter yet convenient location.

Explore the many amenities that Northolt offers, including education, amenities, renting and letting properties, as well as delightful local activities.

History of Northolt

The history of Northolt dates back to the 13th century, with a mention in the Domesday Book. The area was primarily an agricultural community until the 20th century when residential and industrial development began.

Today, Northolt is known for its picturesque surroundings and suburban charm, which continues to attract Londoners and visitors alike.

Key historic attractions include St. Mary's Church, an ancient parish with considerable historical significance.

Education in Northolt

Families will be pleased to find a selection of highly regarded primary and secondary schools in Northolt. These educational institutions offer a supportive learning environment that fosters academic excellence.

Along with several other nearby colleges and further education centres, the University of West London's Northolt campus contributes to the availability of higher education opportunities and the thriving intellectual community within the area.

Amenities in Northolt

Northolt offers a variety of amenities that cater to the needs of local residents and visitors. For everyday necessities, there are several supermarkets and local shops that provide a diverse array of groceries and household goods. The area is known for its health and wellness services, allowing residents to access medical care conveniently.

Nature lovers will appreciate the numerous parks and green spaces found throughout Northolt. The area's ample transportation options make commuting around London hassle-free, with connections to the central city via train and bus routes.

Crime and Safety in Northolt

Safety is a key consideration for Northolt residents. The strong community spirit and local law enforcement work together to maintain low crime rates, ensuring a secure environment for homeowners and tenants.

A commitment to public safety initiatives, combined with well-lit streets and active neighbourhood watch groups, makes Northolt an attractive choice for those seeking a secure living environment

Renting and Letting Property in Northolt

Northolt boasts a thriving housing market that offers a variety of properties, making it an ideal location for both families and professionals.

Whether seeking a modern apartment or a spacious detached home, there are numerous renting and letting options to suit the diverse requirements and preferences of prospective residents.

The area's competitive housing prices, coupled with its excellent location and amenities, make Northolt a sought-after destination for homeowners and tenants.

Things to Do in Northolt

Northolt Leisure Centre: Stay active and engaged at this outstanding facility, featuring a swimming pool, fitness suite, and various sports activities.

  • Northala Fields: Unwind amidst the tranquillity of these distinctive man-made hills, offering picturesque views and walking trails.
  • Belvue Park: Take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a family picnic at this beautiful local park.
  • Ruislip Lido: Take a trip to this picturesque reservoir and enjoy a scenic walk in the surrounding woods, with a chance to spot wildlife.
  • The Old Dairy Antique Centre: Discover hidden treasures at this fascinating antique centre, where you can find unique items and collectibles.

In conclusion, Northolt is a desirable London suburb presenting the perfect balance between urban amenities and suburban serenity. With its rich history, strong educational offerings, excellent housing options, and delightful local attractions, Northolt is an irresistible choice for homeowners, tenants, and visitors. Experience the charm and convenience of Northolt for yourself.