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Edmonton area guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Edmonton, a vibrant and thriving London suburb steeped in history and culture. This area provides its residents with a high quality of life, thanks to its excellent amenities, education, and recreational options.

Whether you're a homeowner, tenant, or visitor, this guide will delve into every aspect of life in Edmonton, providing you with invaluable information to explore, embrace and enjoy all that this charming suburb has to offer.

History of Edmonton

Edmonton is deeply rooted in history, a trait worth exploring. It can trace its origins back as far as the Saxon times. Over the centuries, the settlement emerged as a bustling commercial hub with notable industries that included brewing, brickmaking, and market gardening.

The development of railway transport in the 19th century brought more prosperity, transforming Edmonton into a populated suburb.

Education in Edmonton

Edmonton offers an array of excellent schools. Notable primary schools include Houndsfield Primary School, noted for its vibrant educational environment, and Eldon Primary School, both commended for their focus on holistic childhood development.

Angel Edmonton’s schools cater to a range of needs. Edmonton County School holds excellent Ofsted ratings, and for 6th form studies, The Latymer School comes highly recommended.

Amenities in Edmonton

Edmonton caters well to the needs of its residents. The Edmonton Green Shopping Centre is home to various retail outlets offering everyday commodities, fashion items, and more. Capitalising on its history, the Millfield Arts Centre provides regular theatre shows, creating a vibrant cultural heart.

Several parks offer green space, providing fantastic opportunities for leisure and recreation. Pymmes Park, renowned for its historic walled garden and lake, is among the favourites. Likewise, Jubilee Park offers abundant sports facilities in addition to its beautiful green spaces.

Crime and Safety in Edmonton

Public safety is top-priority in the area. The Edmonton police force ensures crime rates remain below the London average, collaborating with local communities to enhance safety and security. Though the area remains safe overall, adherence to basic safety precautions like keeping personal belongings secure, avoiding secluded areas, or walking alone late at night is always recommended.

Renting and Letting Property in Edmonton

For prospective tenants and homeowners, Edmonton offers something for everyone. The property market is diverse and relatively affordable compared to Central London.

Rental prices are also reasonably competitive, with opportunities to find something that fits each buyer's individual needs. The renting and letting processes are quite straightforward, owing to a good number of professional real estate agencies available in the area.

Things to Do in Edmonton

Edmonton is abundant with attractions and activities waiting to be explored. Here are a few highlights:

  • Edmonton Green Shopping Centre: A shopping hub hosting various stores and restaurants
  • Millfield Theatre: Hosts regular theatre shows and concerts, a cornerstone for culture and entertainment
  • Pymmes Park: A historic park ideal for family outings and picnics
  • Jubilee Park: An extensive outdoor space for sports enthusiasts
  • All Saints Church, Edmonton: This ancient parish church offers architectural and cultural interest
  • Lee Valley Athletics Centre: A top-notch athletic facility open for public use

Visiting, living, or renting in Edmonton has much to offer. As you plan your move or visit, ensure you take the time to fully explore the richness and diversity of this London suburb.

Is Edmonton London a nice place to live?

Edmonton in London is a diverse and lively area with plenty to offer. While it has its challenges, like any urban area, it also has affordable housing, a range of amenities, and is currently undergoing significant regeneration.

Is Edmonton in London or Middlesex?

Today, Edmonton is a part of London. While historically it was part of Middlesex, it became part of the London Borough of Enfield in 1965 following the London Government Act 1963.

What is Edmonton London known for?

Edmonton is known for its affordable housing in London. It's also home to Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, one of North London's busier shopping hubs, and Lee Valley Leisure Complex, offering a range of leisure activities.

What zone is Edmonton UK?

Edmonton is located in Zone 4 on Transport for London's zonal system.

Which tube line is Edmonton on?

Edmonton is not on a specific tube line. However, it has a railway station - Edmonton Green - that is served by London Overground, providing easy access to other parts of London.

What tube station is near Edmonton?

The nearest tube station to Edmonton is Seven Sisters, which is on the Victoria line. This station offers quick access to Central London.