What is a Principal Agent?

A Principal Agent is an independent property professional who utilises our sales and communications platform to facilitate their work. They create their own unique brand, websites, advertisements, and services through the use of our digital platform.


What does it mean to be partnered with PropertyLoop?'

Real Estate Agents who are  partnered with PropertyLoop use our online tools and resources to establish and enhance their personal brand, websites, and businesses.


Are Principal Agents employed by PropertyLoop?

No, Principal Agents operate independently of PropertyLoop. While they benefit from using our comprehensive suite of online tools, they are not employed by us. They are self-employed professionals who use our platform to streamline their services.

We closely monitor those we work with to ensure an acceptable quality of service is maintained. Each of our partners are rated by clients following a successful transaction. 

We reserve the right to terminate partnerships with those few who fail to meet our standards. In doing so, we help ensure that the PropertyLoop brand remains a sign of quality in the real estate industry.   


Can I lodge a complaint against a Principal Agent?

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of service and professionalism among our Principal Agents. We help ensure the quality and professionalism of our Partner Agents by carefully vetting those who wish to use our services.

However, if you feel that a PrincipalAgent has not met your expectations or fails to provide satisfactory service, you have the option to lodge a complaint.

Please contact our administrative team with the details of your complaint. We will carefully review your concerns and take further action if necessary.