What is a Partner Estate Agent?

A Partner Estate Agent is an independent organisation that uses our sales and communications platform to facilitate their work in the real estate industry. These businesses can create their own unique brand, websites, advertisements, and services by leveraging PropertyLoop's digital platform.


What does it mean to be partnered with PropertyLoop?'

Being partnered with PropertyLoop means that our Partner Estate Agents use our comprehensive suite of online tools and resources to enhance their own independent brand, websites, advertisements, and services. This allows them to effectively market and serve their clients using PropertyLoop's digital platform.

We closely monitor those we work with to ensure an acceptable quality of service is maintained. Each of our partners are rated by clients following a successful transaction. 

We reserve the right to terminate partnerships with those few who fail to meet our standards. In doing so, we help ensure that the PropertyLoop brand remains a sign of quality in the real estate industry.   


Are Partner Estate Agents employed by PropertyLoop?

No, Partner Estate Agents are independently owned and operated businesses. While they benefit from using our platform and services, they are not employed by PropertyLoop. We provide a service to our partners, but we are not otherwise liable for their actions or operations.


Can I lodge a complaint against a Partner Estate Agent?

While we strive to ensure that our partners maintain a high level of professionalism and adequate standards of service, we understand that issues may arise. If you believe that an employee of a Partner Estate Agent has failed to meet your expectations, we encourage you to contact a representative of the organisation directly to file a complaint.

If you would like to lodge a complaint against a Partner Estate Agent and require further assistance, please contact our team and we will be happy to assist you.