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Make More Money

  • Increase Your Margins

    Experience a fourfold increase in your profit margin with PropertyLoop – the ultimate solution for estate agents looking to maximise their earnings.

  • Eliminate Overheads

    With PropertyLoop, estate agents can bid farewell to costly overheads and simplify their business expenses.
  • No More Admin

    PropertyLoop's comprehensive platform provides a full-service solution that covers all stages of the rental and sales process, from initial listing to seamless move-in and everything in between.
Increase your Margins up to 4x More
Eliminate overheads with PropertyLoop
No more admin with PropertyLoop so you can enjoy time of

What our customers are saying


Making this move was the best decision I've ever made. I'm rekindling my passion for the job I've always wanted to do, and with renewed enthusiasm, I'm able to elevate the level of service I provide my clients and customers. Every moment now counts towards creating a truly exceptional experience.


With fewer transactions, I've discovered a smarter way to increase my earnings. I was astonished to realise how undervalued my hard work was in a system that didn't reward me fairly. But now, I'm expanding my pipeline and cultivating a roster of satisfied clients who appreciate my unique, personalized approach.


I've always dreamed of owning a business that aligns with my passion for this industry. By doing so, I've gained the best of both worlds without the added stress of overhead expenses. With the power of my brand, I can effortlessly compete against corporate giants and provide my clients with the competitive edge they need to succeed.


I am passionate about travelling and spending time away. I get to spend half of the year in the UK and half abroad whilst still being able to serve my clients and lean on the power of the PropertyLoop network of agents. The ability to split my transactions with other agents and see a clear progression allowed me to live my life the way I always wanted to. 


Focus On What Really Matters

  • Grow Your Business, Not Your Admin
  • Reduce And Eliminate Overheads
  • Amplify Your Marketing Exposure
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join PropertyLoop as an estate agent?

We have a huge database of tenants waiting for your property. Our professional and corporate tenants are fully referenced and vetted by us to ensure the highest level of financial capability, reliability and suitability. PropertyLoop works closely with partners who relocate tenants from corporate companies to London and always have requirements for more properties across the capital.

How does PropertyLoop help me grow my client base and increase revenue?

We believe in fair and transparent fees, so you know exactly where your money is being spent when you use our services. Our all-inclusive packages have no hidden charges or extras for the landlord. In fact, we won't be beaten on price or service.

Compare our packages and see what's included here.

Our fees represent the best value for money in today's market. Use our "Compare letting agent fees" tool to see how much you can save compared to other agents across London and see what you can save compared to your current agent.

Are there any fees or commissions associated with joining PropertyLoop?

PropertyLoop is the fastest-growing lettings brand in the UK and covers all 120 postcode districts in London. We have local lettings experts covering every area who know your local market and can advise you with the highest level of service. Landlords inside London have full use of all our services.

We continue to expand in new areas and will add further locations in Surrey, Essex, Kent and neighbouring areas to London in early 2023.

What kind of support and training does PropertyLoop offer to estate agents?

PropertyLoop is the fastest growing lettings agency brand in London. We have teh fairest fees and cannot be matched on price or service. We cover every area of London and help landlords find great tenants, fast.

How does PropertyLoop ensure the safety and security of my clients' data and information?

PropertyLoop is the fastest growing lettings agency brand in London. We have teh fairest fees and cannot be matched on price or service. We cover every area of London and help landlords find great tenants, fast.