Revisiting Offers: A Convenient Option for Landlords on PropertyLoop

As a landlord on PropertyLoop, we understand that circumstances can change during the offer process, leading you to reconsider previous offers. Whether you have changed your mind about an offer you previously rejected, are open to negotiating a counter offer from a tenant, or need to explore other options due to a fallen-through deal, you have the flexibility to reach out to past applicants. Here's how it works:


The Offer Process Has Ended: If the offer process has concluded, either due to a rejected offer, a cancelled offer, or the expiration of a counter offer, you can still take action. PropertyLoop allows you to directly connect with your agent to discuss revisiting previous applicants and their offers.


Speak to Previous Applicants: By communicating with your agent, you can express your interest in revisiting specific previous offers. This gives you the opportunity to explore potential matches that were previously overlooked or explore alternatives if circumstances have changed.


Restart the Offer Process: Once you've decided to reach out to previous applicants, they can easily restart the offer process. With the help of their agent, renters can quickly submit a new offer, updating the terms and conditions to align with your current requirements.


Benefits of Having an Agent: Having a professional agent on your side makes the process even more seamless. Your agent can facilitate communication with previous applicants on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and efficient dialogue. They can also guide renters through the offer process, making it easier for them to submit updated offers with the desired terms.


At PropertyLoop, we believe in providing landlords with the flexibility they need to find the right tenant and secure the best offers for their properties. Even after the offer process has ended, you can still explore opportunities with previous applicants. Reach out to your agent today to discuss revisiting offers, and let us help you find the perfect match for your property. The process is easy, and with the support of our agents, you can navigate the offer process with confidence.