PropertyLoop Property Management Service

Our property Managers are highly trained and are fully committed to their assigned portfolio of properties. They will ensure that issues are resolved in a timely, competent, and compliant manner.

Here is a full list of services that they will provide during your tenancy.



The Property Managers will:

  • Make sure the tenants have set up and are responsible for paying their utility bills throughout the tenancy.
  • Ensure the tenants give notice at the end of the tenancy to all utility companies.
  • Set the landlord up as the utility bill payer throughout the void periods.



The Property Managers will:

  • Respond to any reported repairs from the tenants.
  • Will pre-qualify repairs with the tenants (to make sure repair work is actually needed).
  • Get 3 quotes for all repairs needed for the landlord to approve from qualified contractors.
  • Once a repair is approved by the landlord book the contractor in for works and arrange access.
  • Once the repair is completed check on the quality of the repair work and get feedback from the tenant.
  • Let the landlord know the standard of the repair completion and arrange for the contractor invoice to be paid.
  • Handle any issues that may arise throughout the repairs process.
  • Keep the landlord and tenant updated on the repair progress throughout all repairs.
  • Get contractors to update the landlord on anything else they see when visiting the property that may need repair etc.


Rent Arrears

The Property Managers will:

  • Inform, update and advise the landlord on any arrears on the portfolio.
  • Chase and ask the tenants why they aren’t paying (daily if needed). This will be done by phone and email.
  • Once 15 days of arrears are passed start a claim on any of the arrears (if the landlord has rent guarantee). Keep chasing even after the arrears are reported to insurance. Also keep on top of insurance chasers once a week.
  • Advise the landlord when to serve a Section 8 If needed and complete steps needed to get to a Section 8 (unless the insurance solicitors have taken over).
  • Serve a Section 8 when and if needed. Start court proceedings and assist with eviction services when and if needed (unless the insurance solicitors have taken over).



The Property Managers will:

  • Book an inspection on each of the properties mid-way throughout the tenancies (usually every 6 months).
  • Send an inspection report to the landlord to view once completed. 
  • Advise, report and update the landlord on any issues or repairs needed after inspections. 
  • Send advice to tenants after inspections on any maintenance or anything that is their job (condensation- opening windows etc).


Compliance Checks

The Property Managers will:

  • Make sure ALL the compliance matters are up to date and not expired throughout each and every tenancy.
  • This includes but is not limited to: licenses, gas certs, EICRs, EPCs, building licenses, fire alarms, etc.


Change of Contracts (if applicable):

The Property Managers will:

  • Make sure any tenants who want any changes in their contract (including occupants) are discussed and agreed by the landlord.
  • Get the contract done and completed for this change (and any changes to deposits etc needed).


Early Terms (If applicable):

The Property Managers will:

  • Speak to any tenants who want to end their contract early and advisee them on the process.
  • Discuss this with the landlord and make sure they are advised on the matter to make the best decision.
  • Organise the paperwork (a ‘Deed of Surrender’) to be agreed and signed by all parties.
  • Keep the tenants and landlord informed along the way on liabilities for rent etc. 



The Property Managers will:

  • Inform the PropertyLoop lettings agent on any upcoming renewals.


Move Outs:

The Property Managers will:

  • Organise all move outs with the tenants.
  • Make sure the tenants know the date/time they are to move out and to organise the key handover.
  • Advise the tenants of their duties when moving out. (Clean, remove, utilities, etc).
  • Arrange the check-out clerk, send the report to tenant and landlord once completed.
  • Advise the tenants (and the landlord) on the deposit process and next steps after move out.



The Property Managers will:

  • Create a report on what the landlord should claim from the deposit.
  • Send the Landlord the deduction report, discuss deductions and get approval from landlord on final amount.
  • Send the details of deductions/claims to the tenant and negotiate if necessary (and get approval form landlord on all negotiations).
  • If there is a disagreement the Property Manager will start collecting the evidence and log and submit the evidence for any disputed deposit amount.
  • Close off any deposits and get the funds released to the relevant parties.


Service Charge/Ground Rent/ Portfolio Finances:

The Property Managers can:

  • Keep an eye on all service charge & ground rent invoices and make sure they are paid on time (and pre-warn the LL of these upcoming payments). This is an extra service that can be provided if the landlord requests it. 
  • Keep an eye on the whole portfolio and give any advise to the landlord on finance management on the portfolio or expansion. This is an extra service that can be provided if the landlord requests it. 


Supplier/Contractor Contacts:

The Property Managers will:

  • Keep a contractor preferred supplier list (PSL) for the landlord with vetted and referenced contractors. (This can also include the landlords personal contractors as well).
  • Make sure they are charging the right price and are keeping the job standards up.
  • Constantly acquire and test and vet new contractors to add to the list.