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Necessary Documents and Certificates

Before letting a property, an owner must legally show certain documents and certificates to the tenant to prove the home is safe and habitable.  These documents may take a while to prepare or find, so we encourage you to start putting this together as soon as possible. For example, if your certificate is expired, you will need to obtain a new, valid one. 

In compliance with housing regulation and laws, the required certificates and documents for the tenancy are as follows:
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) 
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) 
  • Gas Safety Certificate (GSC), if applicable
  • Landlord License, if applicable 
  • Non-Resident Landlord (NRL) Scheme, if applicable 
  • Head Lease, if applicable

At PropertyLoop we will make sure all the necessary documents above are attached to the AST and the tenants specifically sign to say they've seen it and received it before moving in. To help keep you legally complaint.