Guide for Outgoing Tenants: Change of Occupancy Process (Tenant Swap)

Step 1: Initiating the Change of Occupancy Request

If you, as a current tenant, wish to transfer your tenancy to a new tenant, you must initiate a change of occupancy request. Inform PropertyLoop or your landlord about your intention to transfer the tenancy and provide them with all the necessary details for the swap.


Step 2: Agree on the Deposit with the New Incoming Tenant

Once your change of occupancy request is approved, it's important to coordinate with the new incoming tenant. You will need to mutually agree on terms such as the reimbursement of the deposit share and discuss any potential deductions. It is recommended to review the inventory report (if one was conducted at the start of the tenancy by your landlord) and conduct a joint inspection of the property to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of its condition at the time of the transfer.


Step 3: Complete Paperwork or Requests from PropertyLoop

Cooperate and provide speedy responses to PropertyLoop and your landlord throughout this process. You may need to sign and agreement or agree on the release of the deposit on the DPS site (so It can be re-registered with the new tenant details). This will help ensure a smooth transition and avoid any misunderstandings.


Step 4: Handover of Keys and Property Access

Arrange a time for the handover of keys to the new tenant. Coordinate with your landlord (if they manage the property themselves) to facilitate this process and ensure a seamless transition. Remember to remove all personal belongings and leave the property clean and in good condition as stated in your tenancy agreement.


Step 5: Communicate Utility Transfers and Contact Information

Notify the relevant utility providers about the change of occupancy and ensure that all utilities are transferred to the new tenant's name. Provide the new tenant with the necessary contact information, including emergency contacts, so they can readily access support if needed.