Guide for Incoming Tenants: Change of Occupancy Process

Step 1: Understanding the Change of Occupancy Process

As a new incoming tenant, you are joining an existing tenancy through a change of occupancy. Familiarise yourself with the process to ensure a smooth transition and a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities.


Step 2: Submit Your Reference Details

Cooperate with our third party reference check company by providing them with the required information, this may include personal details, identification documents, and any relevant additional paperwork. Ensure prompt and accurate submission of this information to assist in the smooth processing of the change of occupancy.


Step 3: Coordinate with the Outgoing Tenant

Establish communication with the outgoing tenant to discuss the terms of the tenancy transfer. You should agree on matters such as the reimbursement of your share of the deposit and any potential deductions (if needed). Review the inventory report (if one was completed at the start) and conduct a joint inspection of the property to assess its condition and ensure accurate documentation of any new damages.


Step 4: Read and Sign the Tenancy Agreement

Review the AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) agreement provided by PropertyLoop and carefully read through its terms and conditions. Make sure you fully understand your obligations as a tenant and seek clarification if needed. Signing the tenancy agreement indicates your acceptance and commitment to its terms.


Step 5: Attend the Handover of Keys and Property Access

Arrange a convenient time to meet with the outgoing tenant for the handover of keys and property access. This will allow you to officially assume responsibility for the tenancy and gain access to the property.


Step 6: Update Utility Accounts and Contact Information

Contact the relevant utility providers to transfer the utilities to your name and ensure the smooth continuation of services. Additionally, obtain all necessary contact information, including emergency contacts, from your new landlord to address any concerns or issues that may arise.


Step 8: Ongoing Communication and Support

Maintain open and clear communication with PropertyLoop and your landlord. Ensure that you fulfil your responsibilities as a tenant, respect the property, and promptly notify your landlord (if they are self managing) of any maintenance issues or concerns.