Comprehensive Checklist for Landlords: Handling Repairs with Tenants

As a landlord, effectively handling repairs with your tenants is crucial for maintaining a well-maintained property and a positive tenant-landlord relationship. This comprehensive checklist will guide you through the process of managing repairs, including determining responsibility, assessing urgency, and choosing the right contractor. Additionally, PropertyLoop is an excellent platform that can streamline this process for you and your tenants, offering an easy-to-use "report a repair" function and providing comprehensive repair reports.

1. Determine Responsibility:

  • Clarify whether the repair falls under the landlord's responsibility or the tenant's. Refer to the tenancy agreement and relevant laws to ascertain who is responsible for specific repairs.

2. Qualify the Repair:

  • When your tenant reports a repair, ask specific questions to qualify the issue:
    • What is the nature of the problem?
    • When did they first notice it?
    • Are there any safety concerns?
    • Is it affecting essential services (e.g., heating, plumbing)?
    • Has the tenant taken any action to mitigate the issue?

3. Assess Urgency:

  • Determine the urgency of the repair based on the severity and potential impact on the tenant's health and safety or the property's condition.

4. Set Timelines:

  • Establish reasonable timelines for addressing the repair, taking into account the urgency and complexity of the issue. Communicate these timelines clearly to your tenant.

5. Utilise PropertyLoop's "Report a Repair" Function:

  • Encourage your tenants to use PropertyLoop's "report a repair" function for streamlined communication. This feature walks tenants through qualifying the repair and provides you with a comprehensive repair report, complete with photos and videos to obtain clear quotes from contractors.

6. Review the Repair Report:

  • Carefully review the repair report provided by your tenant on PropertyLoop. This report will assist you in understanding the issue and help you choose the appropriate course of action.

7. Choose the Right Contractor:

  • Select a reputable and reliable contractor with experience in handling the specific repair. Check for qualifications, references, and appropriate insurance coverage.

8. Obtain Clear Quotes:

  • Provide the contractor with the detailed repair report from PropertyLoop to ensure they have a clear understanding of the issue, resulting in accurate quotes.

9. Communicate with Your Tenant:

  • Keep your tenant informed throughout the repair process. Provide regular updates on the progress and any potential delays.

10. Complete the Repair: - Ensure that the repair is completed to a satisfactory standard. Conduct a final inspection, if necessary, to confirm that the issue is resolved.

11. Record Keeping: - Maintain thorough records of all repair requests, communication, and actions taken to address the repairs. PropertyLoop can assist in keeping a digital record of all repair-related transactions.

12. Seek Feedback: - After the repair is complete, request feedback from your tenant to assess their satisfaction with the process and the resolution.


By following this comprehensive checklist, you can efficiently handle repairs with your tenants, maintain a well-functioning property, and foster a positive tenant-landlord relationship. Utilising PropertyLoop's "report a repair" function will streamline the process, providing you with clear information and a digital record of all repair-related activities. Effective communication and timely actions will contribute to a successful repair management process in your rental property.