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Community Standards

We understand that when renters and owners join PropertyLoop, they’re looking for a safe and acceptable environment where they can find belonging and community. In order to empower our users, we’ve established consistent and high standards for our users. 

We've set up these comprehensive Community Standards to help guide conduct, and explain what we do and do not tolerate on our platform. We are committed to creating a trust-based community for our users and will be continually ensuring these standards are maintained and implemented.  

Our policies prioritise the safety and well-being of our community, as well as the guiding principles that uphold our network: inclusivity, trust, and authenticity. We’ve taken care to listen to the feedback we’ve received from the community and are continuing to encourage your input in creating these standards. 


I. Safety 

Violence and Illegal Behavior

We do not tolerate lewd behavior, harassment, physical or sexual assault, bullying, domestic violence, theft, illegal exploitation, human trafficking, coercion by means of force, or any form of violence – whether direct or indirect. We do not tolerate unsafe environments whether that be online or in-person. Listings, properties, and showings are not allowed to display danger or harm to users, whether that be through weapons, violence, or other means. Individuals who participate or are associated with organizations that participate in these acts are not welcome on this platform.


It is a serious crime to make threats in any way shape or form to hurt or kill someone. We will prosecute any threats of violence or aggression, whether it be through in-person contact, email, text, video, calls, or even non-verbal body language e.g., gestures or movements. We eliminate language that instigates or encourages these activities or violence in any way. This includes facilitation, organization, or promotion of criminal or harmful activities.

If PropertyLoop suspects any of these standards are breached, or there is a threat to public safety or risk of genuine harm, we will work with law authorization as fitting. 


II. Security 

Theft and Coercion 

You cannot take property that isn't yours, use somebody's property without their authorization, duplicate others' keys or personality reports, harm others' property, or coerce a user for advantages. 

Spam, phishing, or extortion 

You cannot make exchanges outside of PropertyLoop's platform; submit booking extortion, Visa misrepresentation, or launder cash; endeavor to purposely deceive; steal payments; misuse our network; or make false claims against other users.


You cannot monitor, surveillance, or stalk users, including keeping cameras or recording devices in private spaces on property. You cannot access others' records without approval or disregard others' security, privacy, or rights. You cannot share personal data to disgrace or coerce others, slander others, or abuse our platform for your motives. You cannot shame, blackmail, or harass users. 


III. Community


Our platform relies on trust and reliability. We request our users avoid deceptive or misleading practices such as giving false information or falsely representing themselves. You cannot delude individuals about the sort, nature, or subtleties of your listing, substitute one listing for another, set up phony or fake listings, leave false information, purposely omit necessary information, or neglect to reveal risks. You cannot falsely represent your property listing or your intentions. 


You cannot neglect legally bound responsibilities, including neglect to pay, neglect to manage your tenancy, or defiance of tenancy agreements. You cannot target others with undesirable conduct, harassment, aggravation, or neglect. You cannot break commitments, except when faced with extenuating circumstances. You cannot be neglectful of users including being unresponsive, failing to follow our guidelines, or consistently delivering poor service. 


We expect all of our users to respect one another and their homes. You must follow anti-discrimination laws in not treating others differently or adversely due to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disability, or serious diseases.

Kindness and Fairness 

You must treat others with a sense of decency and respect. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or offensive behaviour.