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99% of Renters Unaware of Who Should Fix Their Home!

Recent research carried out by housing claim management company Veriwise has revealed that a dismal 0.06% of renters are aware of their rights and responsibilities surrounding maintenance of a rental property and their landlord’s obligation to conduct repairs on their home.

Rather worryingly this means that only one in every 1,700 tenants who which party of the rental agreement is responsible for repairing damages that occur within the rental’s grounds; totalling around 5,968 tenants across the UK’s 10,400,000 rental properties.

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These figures distressingly suggest that around 99.94% of people that choose to rent a home within the UK are not fully aware of which repairs they are liable for within the rental property, and when they are able to turn to their landlord or letting agent to arrange for the appropriate remedial work to be conducted. This means that many tenants across the UK during a time of financial uncertainty, and predictions of a homelessness epidemic, are potentially covering costs for faulty appliances, poor wiring, broken furnishings and defective structures and even pest problems, all typically dealt with by the owner of the property. Most don't know how long an EPC lasts!

The findings further reveal that approximately 23% of private rental properties within the UK have fallen short of adhering to the minimum standards of health and safety, with almost 1 million rental homes being affected by damp.

“Evidence suggests conditions in rented homes have nose-dived during Covid-19, as demonstrated in recent reports by Channel 4 News and ITV,” comments the founding member of online claims management service Veriswise, Ajay Jagota. “But it’s clear that across the country completely reasonable and legally necessary requests to landlords to improve living conditions in their properties are falling on deaf ears.”

Outlined in section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act, landlords must ensure that the interior and exterior structure of the rental property, its installations, appliances and fixtures and maintained and repaired when appropriate, with each of these aspects of the rental being inspected over the course of the tenancy. Not only must the landlord, letting agent and their representatives be afforded a reasonable amount of time to carry out any necessary remedial work, but the tenant will also hold the legal responsibility of ensuring that they report any issued that will need the attention of workman to the landlord so the damage to the property can be addressed. 

As can be expected if the occupants of a rental property have reported repairs to a landlord and they have neglected to make any progressing in addressing the highlighted issues, the tenants may wish to take legal action. If order for the residents to take their landlord to court in response to a lack of repairs being carried out, they must ensure that they have first reported such safety issues or concerns with the rental to the landlord, with the owner of the rental property undoubtedly being responsible for the repairs that are being claimed for.