Training Guide: Accompanied Viewings


All viewings conducted by Property Loop Agents must be accompanied viewings. This means that agents must attend every viewing with prospective applicants. Under no circumstances should a viewing be set up where the applicant attends alone, or is met by a landlord, tenant, or third party, unless it is another Property Loop Agent. This protocol is critical for several reasons, which are detailed below.


Importance of Accompanied Viewings

1. Security

Responsibility: We assure landlords in our service agreements that all viewings are accompanied by our agents. This is a cornerstone of the service we provide and justifies the fees we charge.

Risk Mitigation: Unaccompanied viewings increase the risk of security incidents. Applicants meeting landlords or tenants alone could lead to theft, damage, or other security breaches. Without an agent present, it is challenging to verify or resolve any disputes that arise.

2. Protecting Commission and Fees

Preventing Direct Deals: If applicants view properties alone, they might attempt to negotiate directly with landlords, potentially bypassing Property Loop. Despite our contractual protections, detecting such breaches is difficult and could result in lost commission and fees.

3. Service Quality

Applicant Experience: Accompanying viewings ensures that applicants receive a high standard of service. Agents can provide detailed property information, answer questions, and create a positive viewing experience.

Immediate Feedback and Offers: Being present allows agents to gather real-time feedback and gauge interest, which is crucial for negotiating and securing offers. Follow-ups via phone, email, or text are far less effective.


Accountability and Compliance

Enforcement: All agents are required to adhere strictly to the policy of accompanied viewings. Any deviation from this standard is a serious breach of duty.

Consequences: Failure to conduct accompanied viewings will result in disciplinary action, which could include performance reviews, retraining, or more severe consequences depending on the severity and frequency of the breach.



Accompanied viewings are a fundamental aspect of the service we provide at Property Loop. They ensure security, protect our business interests, and enhance the service quality experienced by applicants. Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all agents. By adhering to these guidelines, we uphold our commitment to excellence and security, providing a superior experience for both our landlords and applicants. This is non-negotiable and critical to our operational integrity and success. For further assistance or questions, please refer to our internal help desk or contact your supervisor.