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Lister Training | Right to Rent Checks

As part of our comprehensive referencing process, we ensure that all potential tenants meet the Right to Rent requirements set by the UK government. This is an integral part of our service to provide confidence and compliance with legal standards.

Process Overview

  • Integration in Referencing: The Right to Rent check is integrated into our referencing process. This ensures that all tenants are eligible to rent and have the correct status to reside in the UK.
  • Third-Party Partner: We work with a reputable third-party partner to conduct these checks. They perform a thorough and comprehensive referencing process, ensuring all legal requirements are met.
  • Government Legislation Compliance: All checks are carried out in strict accordance with current government legislation. This ensures that we are compliant and our landlords are protected from potential legal issues.
  • Physical Document Verification: In addition to these background checks, our viewing agents physically verify the relevant documents at the time of move-in. This ensures a double layer of verification, with both the background and physical checks being documented by our customer support team.

By incorporating these checks, we provide an additional layer of security and assurance, ensuring that only eligible tenants occupy your property.