Comprehensive Guide for Partner Agents: Choosing the Perfect Business Name and Securing an Ideal Domain


Your business name and corresponding domain are essential cornerstones of your brand's identity. This guide aims to provide partner agents with a foolproof method for selecting an easy-to-spell, memorable business name, whilst also helping you secure a complementary domain.


Part 1: Principles for Choosing Your Business Name

Basic Guidelines:

  1. Easy Spelling is Crucial: Your name should be so straightforward that if one person says it to another, the latter should be able to spell it without asking for clarification. The name should have no complicated forms or missing letters that need explaining.
  2. Keep it Short and Sweet: The shorter your name, the easier it will be to remember and the less likely it will be mistyped.
  3. Avoid Special Characters and Numbers: These add unnecessary complexity and are best avoided.
  4. Relevance vs Broad Appeal: If you specialise in a particular area, include the area's name. However, for broader appeal, avoid being too specific.

Advanced Tips:

  1. Concurrent Search: When settling on a name, simultaneously check for its domain availability. The alignment between your online and offline identities is critical.
  2. SEO-Friendly: Utilise keywords in your name that relate to your business to improve search engine ranking.
  3. Legal Checks: Check for trademarks and copyrights to ensure your desired name is legally available.
    Also, check Companies House to confirm the name isn’t already registered by another business.

Part 2: Securing the Right Domain Name

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Identify Your Brand: Use your business name as the starting point for your domain search.
  2. Focus on Two Extensions:
    .com: Globally recognised, suitable for international scope. Ideal for businesses primarily in the UK.
  3. Use Reputable Websites: GoDaddy
  4. Check Availability: Begin by inputting your business name and checking both ".com" and "" extensions.
  5. Purchase Immediately: Time is of the essence. Secure your domain name as soon as it’s verified to be available.
  6. Stick to Primary Extensions: To maintain brand credibility, avoid straying from ".com" and ""


Short & Sweet: A shorter domain is less prone to typos and easier for clients to remember.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens: They often confuse users and are not recommended.

Think Long-term: Opt for a domain name that allows room for your business to grow.



A simple, easily spelled, and legally secure business name, along with a corresponding domain, is critical for establishing a robust online presence. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll have a solid foundation for your brand identity, setting you up for success both online and offline.